Types of eccentrics for the mixer

Performing repairs in houses that were built in the USSR, many craftsmen face a mismatch between modern building standards and those adopted at that time. This is especially true of plumbing - because in the XX century for the domestic pipelines used very different materials and regulations. Yes, and modern plumbing has a wide range of sizes, so you should consider the types of eccentrics for the mixer and get acquainted with the features of their installation.

What it is?

Choosing a mixer is a crucial task in which you need to take into account many parameters. This is doubly insulting when the mixer, which seemed to be perfect, ultimately does not fit for any one value. Most often this is the distance between its inlets, which does not coincide with the distance of the water pipe connections already installed in the apartment.

Theoretically, this distance in all apartments of the old building should have been exactly 15 cm., but often due to marriage the real value differs by several centimeters. And sometimes these conclusions in due time were fitted to some long-obsolete concrete model of the mixer, which was installed in the apartment when the house was built. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved. Just in such a situation a small but very important detail will come to the rescue - an eccentric for the mixer.

At its core, a typical eccentric is a special adapter designed to connect the inlets of the mixers and the outlets of the plumbing system. The adjustment of dimensions is carried out due to the fact that such a detail usually has the form of two small segments of a metal pipe of different diameter, which are interconnected not coaxially, but with a certain distance between the axes. It is this distance that makes it possible to level the difference between the positions of the inputs of the mixer and the conclusions of the pipeline. At the same time, a mixer is usually connected to a smaller diameter area, while a larger diameter outlet is most often designed for connection to a water supply network.

Plumbing manufacturers, of course, are aware of the existence of the problem of distance inconsistencies. Therefore, many of the mixer models available on the market are equipped by default with the eccentrics supplied. Despite the fact that in this case one of the problems (matching the diameter of the eccentric to the dimensions of the mixer inlet pipes) is solved, often the “native” eccentrics are inferior in quality to third-party parts.

In addition, there are situations when eccentrics delivered with plumbing equipment either do not fit in size to the pipe outlets, or have insufficient distance between axes for fitting. So, with Argo mixers, eccentrics are usually supplied with a diameter of only предназнач inch for connecting to a water supply system and a length of 40.5 mm. This limits the possibility of installing such a mixer in apartments, where the pipeline leads are located at a great distance or have a different diameter.

So buying a mixer almost always leads to the need to search for a suitable eccentric. However, these parts are available in a wide range.Therefore, before you start choosing such a fitting, you need to understand how they differ, and what types of them are currently on the market.


Thus, the eccentric is a sanitary adapter for installing the faucet in the bathroom, allowing you to match the dimensions of parts. These products are always sold in pairs, and the price is usually indicated per set.

Based on the operating conditions, its most important characteristics will be:

  • dimensions;
  • design features (internal or external arrangement of the thread);
  • corrosion resistance;
  • the distance that can help compensate for the installation of an eccentric;
  • stiffness and strength allowing its installation without the risk of destruction;
  • aesthetic qualities (how well selected part fits into the overall design of the bathroom).

It is on these characteristics that particular attention should be paid when choosing the right model for this fitting. The price range for products is in the range of 200 to 2000 rubles, depending on the material, manufacturer and size.


Eccentrics can be divided into types according to their length.

The following variants of this product are distinguished:

  • short - used for fitting products with a small difference in distance;
  • extended - used in cases where the initial distance between the conclusions of the water supply is different from the standard 15 cm;
  • long - used when the distance between the mixer nozzles is significantly different from the distance between the terminals of the pipeline.

Another important dimensional characteristic of the eccentric are the diameters of its inputs. The most common combination is ¾ inch for the water inlet and ½ inch for the side from which the mixer is connected.

However, in the market you can find parts for other combinations of sizes. For example, sometimes there are models that allow mating two threads - M10 and M8, which is necessary for the installation of some Italian mixers, a flexible hose which is equipped with an unusual M8 internal thread.

Also, for the right choice, it would be useful to find out what kind of eccentrics on the material of their production are.

Most often now apply such details:

  • brass;
  • bronze;
  • made of stainless steel.

At the same time, a protective chrome coating is often applied over the base material, in order to additionally protect the item from corrosion and improve its appearance.

In terms of design features, there are variants with internal thread on the side intended for connection to the mixer, and versions without it. The choice between these two varieties depends on the design features of the pipes used in your plumbing.


Taking into account the classification given in the “Species” section, eccentrics are of the following types by size.

  • Short Usually have a length of 3 to 4 cm, at their expense, you can fix the gap up to 8 cm.
  • Elongated. They are characterized by length from 4 to 5 cm and allow to correct gaps up to 10 cm.
  • Long They have a length of more than 5 cm and are used in cases where, in addition to compensating for the difference of distances, you also need to change the vertical position of the mixer (for example, raise it above or below the level of the outlet piping). The length of such a detail can be a solid 8 cm, and sometimes more.

Installation of eccentrics

Replacing the installed mixer, like all similar operations, is the first thing to start with turning off the water, otherwise repairs will have to be carried out not only at home but also at the neighbors below.

Then you need to unscrew the mixer from the eccentric, after which you can unscrew the fitting itself. Usually, due to prolonged use and contact with chlorinated water, its material becomes brittle, and the thread “sticks”. Therefore, it is necessary to twist it very carefully so as not to break it in any way. It is possible to protect the surface from damage during dismantling by winding several layers of linen thread or sanitary tape-sealant. If the old part still can not be unscrewed, you can slightly warm it with a match or a lighter.

After that, on the end of the extension cord, which will be connected to the water supply system, you need to wind the sealing layer of flax or plumbing tape. Then you can screw the parts into the pins and adjust the desired distance between the pins of the eccentrics. First, it is checked with a ruler, after that it is necessary to attach the mixer itself to the terminals of the installed fittings and check the alignment of the axes and mounting dimensions. Only then you can perform the final operations.

After ensuring that the fittings are installed correctly, they should be carefully clamped with a key. Usually, 6 turns are enough for this, so you shouldn’t pinch the part - it will not give additional tightness, but there will be a chance to break it.After that, reflectors are installed. And finally, the mixer is connected, which can now be clamped with a key.

If, after connecting the water, the assembled mixer leaks at the points of connection to the water supply terminals, it is necessary to disassemble it again and make sure that a sufficient amount of sealing material is applied to the fitting threads.

Additionally, this node can be sealed with silicone or any other pasty sealant. In extreme cases, it is possible to use oil paint.

Tips and tricks

If your pipeline is made using plastic pipes, then the material of the eccentric in most cases will not matter. But in the case of metal pipes, it is important to ensure that the fitting is made of exactly the same metal, otherwise, due to different values ​​of the coefficient of thermal expansion, the reliability of the connection will decrease with time, which can lead to leakage.

When installing eccentrics with chrome plating, it is worth wrapping them in several layers of fabric during twisting to prevent damage to the chrome layer,after all, even a small crack in the protective layer can lead to rapid corrosion of the metal under it and the need to replace the product.

It is best to purchase a product from cast brass - this allows you to simultaneously maintain a high strength and elasticity of the material, which reduces the chances of damage during installation.

How to replace the eccentric on the mixer, see the following video.

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