Design a small kitchen area of ​​4 square. m with fridge

Thousands of women spend most of their time in the kitchen. Daily cooking, breakfasts, lunches and dinners are a succession of the usual events in a dull life. Where does joy come from? Modern stylish design of a small kitchen 4 sq. M. m with a fridge can transform the time spent cooking.

Layout options

Small kitchen - a familiar area for people living in the "Khrushchev". These old five-storey houses of the 50s, created sometime for the most dense settlement of people, make their owners today hostages of four walls. A miniature kitchen becomes a reason for abandoning noisy companies and guests, because they simply have nowhere to turn around.

Designers decided to transform such squares with their luxurious projects, as if challenging skeptics who consider “Khrushchev’s” uncomfortable remnants of the past.

And the transformation begins with the choice of the appropriate option, because, despite the uniformity of the kitchens in these houses, somewhere you can see a longer corridor or any other available space.

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Plans suitable for "Khrushchev":

  • double row;
  • L-shaped with an island table;
  • with bar counter;
  • linear;
  • U-shaped;
  • L-shaped.
  • Double row

Double row

Double row layout provides for the placement of furniture on both sides of the walls. This is especially suitable for narrow spaces. The working area in this layout expands its boundaries, which creates an incredible scope for action, the remaining space in the center can take a small dining table. It is appropriate to look at the tables, transformers transformed into small working tables. Such furniture does not clutter up the space during cooking, but at the time of eating allows you to sit comfortably and freely at the table.


This is another maximally completed layout. It is especially popular in "Khrushchev", because it allows you to release one side of the kitchen, making it at least a little freer. The dining table at the same time can be located at the working area and represent a stylish worktop, and can stand alone, like a refrigerator, located at one of the free walls or in the corner. In the first case, space is saved, in the second - greater comfort is achieved.Corner layouts with multifunctional equipped corner shelves contain a huge amount of dishes and other accessories.

With a bar counter

The kitchen with a bar is an excellent option in redesigned areas.. It eliminates the presence of doors and walls in the kitchen in the room. The bar will be a natural partition between the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen suite here can be located differently, for example, one of the stylish solutions is considered the C-layout, when the L-shaped work area smoothly goes to the bar counter. However, their separate existence is also possible.


If cooking at home is not included in the daily list of classes, the kitchen can be limited to a linear layout. The set in this case takes only one row, which allows you to place in the kitchen not only a full-fledged dining table, but also a lot of accessories. Linear layout is the most simple and affordable option for the design of the room with a refrigerator.


The antipode of the linear arrangement - U-shaped layout. It occupies the full space of the kitchen, capturing and a window zone.The window here can be a great place for the location of the window-sill and even sinks. However, in this case, the dining table does not find its place, which means that if possible, it is necessary to move the place of eating on the redesigned balcony or living room, this also applies to the refrigerator. If this is not possible, designers offer an original solution with folding tables and chairs, the modern image of which conquers with a subtle sense of style.


Area 4 square. Meter - a great place for creativity, allowing you to try on a few trendy styles. The interior for small kitchens can be made in the style of:

  • modern and hi-tech;
  • classic;
  • "Provence".

Modern styles modern, "hi-tech" look especially harmonious in small rooms, because their interior provides for a minimum load of parts and accessories. The emphasis here is on modern household appliances, for example, a mirrored refrigerator, which not only looks luxurious, but also visually increases the space. Gloss is generally characteristic of modern styles, and it is important to use, because mirrors, glossy ceiling and headsets create the illusion of the breadth of the kitchen.The top shelves of the headset here can be replaced with glass shelves in interesting geometric shapes.

To create a romantic atmosphere the best solution will be a kitchen in the style "Country" or "Provence". A sort of rustic chic in light green tones with an abundance of floral motifs creates an unusually emotional atmosphere. For execution, a light wood is used, as well as panels painted in muted greens. Open shelves here are filled with sprigs of lavender and sweet vases, and short curtains are gently tied with ribbons.

If the soul asks for something conservative and familiar without looping on small details, it's time to turn to classics. Noble light wood, neutral plain wallpaper and ceiling - a good choice for a quiet kitchen. The refrigerator here is also used a classic, for example, in the bright kitchen organic beige.

Color spectrum

When the choice in favor of a particular style is made, the color scheme of the kitchen is on the agenda. And if in the “provenance” or “country” the interior and its colors are already laid in style, then modern and classic allow all possible variations with a palette of tones. Designers are advised to adhere to several rules:

  • the design of the kitchen with pastel colors will expand the area;
  • coloring the ceiling and walls in one cold tone will wash the boundaries between the ceiling, making it higher;
  • low ceiling painted in a lighter tone than the wall;
  • bright colors narrow the territory;
  • classic combinations of soft gray-brown, white and cream contrasts are universal for small kitchens;
  • vertical stripes of calm, close to the main tone, wallpaper draw the room, making it higher and more spacious.


A miniature linear kitchen in a modern style allows you to increase its space. The kitchen with a bar and built-in metal fridge in the tone of the shelves of the headset successfully plays on the minimalism of details and modern notes.

L-shaped layout with a full two-chamber refrigerator, made with bright colors, makes the kitchen multi-functional and spacious.

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