Children's bedrooms for boys

 Children's bedrooms for boys

When creating a room for a boy, first of all it is necessary to remember that it should be safe and comfortable, but at the same time left him room for play and imagination. Design of the nursery is a very responsible exercise, as the environment will shape the child’s worldview and taste. The room must match the age of the boy, his activities and interests.

Age-appropriate interior design

For a newborn

The most important aspect in the interior design of a room for a boy is his age. It is quite obvious that initially the baby has no particular hobbies and preferences in the nursery decor, therefore, it will not be advisable to choose a certain style.As a rule, the space that is comfortable for finding a baby in it will be made in soothing light colors. Emphasis can be placed on bright textiles, toys in the play area and stickers.

The main points to pay attention to when creating a room for the baby:

  • Safe furnishing - rounded corners of furniture, tables and chairs, suitable for the size and height of the child;
  • The minimum amount of decor - the room should not be annoyed by excessive brightness;
  • Carpet covering - simple, warm and comfortable.

6-7 years

With age, the child’s rhythm of life changes, and therefore it will be useful to divide the space into zones so that the child has a clear distinction between entertainment and activities. This can help the design of the room zones in different colors. The working space is better to arrange in more soothing colors, which will allow the child to tune in the desired fashion.

Do not forget that now a desk and an adjustable chair with a comfortable back will become a necessary attribute of the room. You can also arrange the wall as a space for creativity: install a cork board there, magnets for fixing crafts and fabric elements.

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The child is much easier to learn new knowledge in the game or the creative process.

8-10 years

At this age, the interior design must take into account the boy’s hobbies and hobbies. If he is fond of sports, you can equip a special corner for classes or just hang projectiles in the play area - this will help the child release energy. Over time, the area of ​​the area for games can be made smaller, occupying the vacant space with bookshelves or a closet.

At the age of 9-10 years, the boy has already formed his own opinion about how his room should look, therefore, when finishing it, you must take this into account. Perhaps not all decisions chosen by the child will be made, but a compromise must be reached. They can be wallpaper, geographical map or other bright accents that can be picked together.

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12 years

As a rule, this age of a child can be considered transitional, the boy has idols that can be successfully included in interior decoration. At the same time, it is important not to go too far with the subject of adoration, otherwise the atmosphere will put pressure on the boy. A good option for the design will be a thematic image of the hero, perhaps a few items associated with it.In this case, when you change in the boy's tastes, you can change the situation without serious consequences, removing the excess.

If the child loves music, then you can place a music system in the entertainment zone, allow the boy to hang posters of his favorite performers.

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Wallpaper in the room is better to choose cheaper, because after a while addiction can change.

14 years old

When planning the interior design for a teenage boy, first of all it is necessary to take into account that he is already a fully formed personality. The room represents his own world, hobbies and hobbies, all this should be reflected in the decor.

The main points that are worth paying attention to are:

  • the location of the room, its size and shape;
  • comfortable working space - conveniently located furniture, competent zoning;
  • addictions and favorite activities of the boy.
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With changes in the situation and design in the room of a teenage boy, which are unavoidable due to his age, it will be an interesting decision to focus on an interior solution - a brick wall or lighting.

Also important and color accents - blotches of bright textiles will help to balance, as a rule, the dark color gamut of the room.


When choosing a room color scheme, it is necessary to take into account that colors are perceived differently at different ages. A room in pastel colors is much more preferable for a three-year-old child, and for an older boy, it is advisable to add bright spots and shades to develop and stimulate creativity.

Usually, when choosing a color scheme for a boy's room, the choice falls on blue, green, gray and blue colors. Much less often resorted to red, as it is believed that it is overly arousing. In fact, in reasonable quantities, the use of bright colors in the interior is quite appropriate.

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In the design of one of the most convenient color combinations is a black and white gamma. It is perfect if there are several teen boys in the room. The choice of these colors can also be dictated by the budget of the parents, since this range does not need to be constantly reworked, but “grows” with the children. It is worth noting that it is not entirely appropriate in decorating a room for a newborn, as in this case pastel colors are a priority.


The most popular styles are classic, sporty or marine. For example, if a boy is keen on sports, loves football, hockey or tennis, this is a great opportunity to make a sports theme a leitmotif of the interior. In the room you can leave several thematic items: boxing gloves, chairs with the numbers of your favorite hockey players or a lamp in the form of a soccer ball.

An excellent option to design a room can be the theme of travel. If the boy is interested in expeditions to the unknown distance, allow the situation to reveal its potential. The main element of such a stylistic decision will be color - it is worth choosing from pastel, beige or pistachio tones.

In decorating you need to pay attention to details. In the room you can place live plants, an aquarium or photos of interesting places from which you can make a collage.

Such trinkets with ease can be purchased in stores Ikea.

A safe option would be to design a room in the style of the sea. When creating such an interior, the main color will be blue and its various shades. Beautiful photo wallpapers with frames from films about pirates or pictures in the style of adventure novels by Jules Verne will help to emphasize the individuality of the room.

Along with these trends, in the interior stylistics the Loft style is acquiring enormous popularity, it is suitable for boys in adolescence, minimalism and simple solutions add to its sophistication and provide an opportunity to show their individuality.

Interesting repair

The initial and very important stage of interior design is repair. Particular attention is paid to the wallpaper. For the student's room, they should be calm, without lush colors, suitable for him in tonality.

Finishing materials for the room should be natural and safe, but not too expensive. Remember that a child grows and his creative impulses can affect the environment. The best option would be plain light wallpaper and floors, perhaps in a wide strip. Floorings can be laminate, linoleum or parquet. It is also possible to have a thick carpet in the play area, on which the child will play with pleasure.

For a football player, an interesting solution would be a floor covering with elements of his favorite game - a football field.

When decorating windows it should be remembered that curtains and massive curtains can be negatively perceived by the boy, so preference is given to modern Roman curtains or blinds that look more youthful.

Ideas for two children

For peers

The focus should be on the sleeping area, when a bunk bed will be an excellent way out. It saves space well, and it will be very interesting for two boys to be and play on it. An additional advantage is the possibility of organizing a small nook on the second tier. The only disadvantage is that this option can only be suitable for babies at an early age.

Another good option for delimiting space for boys of the same age would be the placement of sofas in different parts of the room. This will allow everyone to have their own personal space. A good solution can also be a sliding partition, which will allow each of the guys to retire and work on their own affairs. It can be easily removed if the children want to play together.

There are main points that must be observed when you design a room for two boys:

  • Color spectrum should not be aggressivebut can be bright.
  • Materials used in decorating need to be natural, safe and eco-friendly.
  • Your furniture should be for every age, ergonomic and not traumatic.
  • Must be present lighting both day and night.

For kids of different ages

You should not make the interior thematic, it would be more expedient to use a single style - English or classical, for example. So it will be universal, suitable for both boys and enjoy them, regardless of age.

When choosing a bed for boys of different ages, you can pay attention to the sliding models, or to prefer beds of almost adult size. But it is better to make a place to sleep and study for two guys separately.

As for a place to rest, then, on the contrary, it is better to make it common. The creation of such a zone contributes to the fact that the boys will be able to communicate more and spend time together, invite guests and relax. For interior decoration of the recreation area, a sports complex for joint classes, a cozy sofa or ottomans, a small home library or a TV set with a game console will be suitable.

The important point of the decor of the gaming area is the carpet, it serves not only for comfort and convenience, but also allows to delimit the space, separating the common area from the rest.

Interior for three

Due to the fact that boys of completely different ages live together in a room, you should not stick to a particular thematic style. It is better to choose neutral colors for the interior - blue, beige, khaki or blue. Accents can be made with bright color patches. If the room is small, it is better to make all the furniture of light colors, which will visually help to expand the space.

An important nuance of the interior is to adhere to a single concept in the choice of furnishings - beds, bedside tables, bed linen. It is not necessary that everything is the same, it is enough to have a certain common element.

As in the design of a child's room for one child, you should remember about the zoning of space: it is necessary to equip the sleeping, training and common (play) area. One of the most important aspects of furnishing in the arrangement of the sleeping area is the choice of beds.

Ideally, each boy should have his own bed, but if the room does not allow it, you can arrange sofas or couches.

When arranging the study area, there are several tricks that will help you use the space in the nursery with the greater benefit:

  • corner tables or converted sill help save space;
  • over the beds of three boys can be arranged shelves to store their personal belongingsso as not to install bulky cabinets and cabinets;
  • clothes storage cabinet You can buy only one for three boys.

You should not get too carried away with interior decoration, it will be enough to place a potted plant in the room, a few posters or posters, a globe or a map.

How to adjust to the size and layout of the room?

When you make a space for a small-sized nursery, you need to mark a fairly large number of things, toys and books. Multifunctional furniture comes to the aid of parents in this: a bed with storage boxes, bookshelves with built-in storage or padded stools with the ability to store toys inside.

With a metric area of ​​10-11 square meters. m a good option can be folding or built-in tables, as well as "shallow" wardrobes. If the room is a bit larger, then you can safely apply the zoning of the space, highlighting the training and playing areas.A good place to save space will help the bed, which is located on some elevation, the podium under it will be a great place to store things.

Original bed linen

When choosing bed linen should pay attention to the material from which it is made. Perfect cotton and satin. As for the bed linen, then you need to remember that it must be in harmony with the interior of the room as a whole. When the boy is a little older, you can easily find him underwear for a 1.5 berth without damage to the interior.

Bed linen can be selected in accordance with the boy's hobby. If he likes comics - a blanket with a print of a beloved hero will be a great addition to the decor. But it is not necessary to overdo it with color and shapes - if the child has a constant ripple in front of his eyes, it will not benefit his well-being.

In this video you will find a selection of photos from the interior of the children's room for the boy.

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