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Two daughters in the family are boundless joy, ringing laughter, a sea of ​​happiness and the special responsibility of parents in the matter of optimal organization for their sleeping place princesses. And if there is no opportunity to provide each baby in an individual bedroom, then the adults are faced with the important task of finding the right bedroom design for two girls, taking into account the interests and wishes of each. In this article we will consider general recommendations and dwell on some important aspects of this topic.


For optimal design of a children's bedroom for two girls, parents first need to take into account basic physical, psychological and material aspects.

The balance of desire and opportunity

Before starting to repair and decorate a room, adults should soberly assess costs and allocate the required amount from the family budget, without prejudice to other aspects of the life activity of all family members.In another case, the joy of waiting for the finished bedroom for girls can seriously darken and spoil the impression of the finished result.

Features and age range of girls

The fact that the color and interior design of the space of the room must match the age of the child is undeniable and requires a certain approach to its implementation. Parents should draw a clear parallel between the age interests of each of the girls, their activities and the corresponding design of the entire room or individual zones. Facilitate the task of organizing the interior can the case when girls have a slight difference in age.

The main thing for parents is to adhere to the policy of equality, since even a small emphasis on something belonging to one of the daughters can provoke a wave of jealousy and aggression in the second, which will undoubtedly lead to conflict. The size of the shelves, the color of the bedspreads and even the coasters for pens should be the same at least for the first time, until they themselves go to individualize their space.

In case the age range is large, parents need to take into account the difference in mode,interests and other spheres of life, and therefore, select individual furniture for each child and delimit zones with screens and partitions

The size and shape of the room

The size and shape of the room plays an important role in its design. A large square room or a small rectangular room - each requires an individual approach and a clear layout before furnishing it with heavy furniture. Especially this aspect is characteristic when placing the bedroom in the attic, which has no clear form. Therefore, you should discuss their wishes and preferences with the girls in advance.

Key recommendations

When designing a bedroom for two or even three girls, it is recommended to follow some of the advice of professional designers.


It is necessary to take into account the fact that this room will combine in itself a playroom, a children's study and a place to sleep and rest, therefore It is important to correctly identify the main areas.

  • The sleeping area should be comfortable and as safe as possible. Preferred soft pastel colors in the design, diffused light, no sockets, various electrical appliances and drafts near the beds.
  • The game zone assumes the availability of free space. directly for games and the availability of various cabinets, shelves and baskets for the placement of toys, sports equipment and technical devices.
  • The work area should contribute to the development mental and psychological aspects of personality and increase efficiency. Bright light, individual working furniture, storage space for stationery and books - these are the basic requirements for this area for babies.

In addition to these zones, you can organize a few more: a place to engage in creative work, sports, collecting or reading books. It is important to remember that competent zoning is one of the keys to the successful physical and personal development of the child.

There are several options for separating one room.

  • The easiest way to zoning - division of space color and light design.
  • Wooden or plasterboard partitions will allow you to individualize the space.
  • Ceiling or floor screens enjoy special demand, as they are very mobile, but rather static if desired.
  • Furniture can also serve as a zone separator.: racks, wardrobes, tables perfectly divide the room visually, but this method is suitable for fairly large rooms (from 14 squares or more).
  • Multi-level floors and horizontal room separation can save considerable space, but this zoning method should provide the necessary safe stay for girls in the bedroom.

Interior decoration

For the optimal location of the furniture you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  • Any children's bedroom for two girls must have two beds, two desks and two chairs. A wardrobe can be one, but with the obligatory separation of shelves for linen and clothes.
  • Furniture can be placed in different ways, depending on the room. A narrow but long room would be expedient to divide into two parts, each of which will serve as an individual space for girls, but the play area can be made common and positioned in the middle. A small room requires a more ergonomic approach. In this case, bunk beds come to the rescue, which allows you to save a lot of space.The square room allows you to place the beds parallel to each other or at right angles to the wall, which visually distinguishes the sleeping and play areas, even in a small room.
  • Multifunctional mobile furniture can become a magic wand in small rooms.: roll-out beds, convertible tables, folding sofas will allow for a small amount of time to make a partial rearrangement in the room.
  • The game zone will be incomplete in the absence of a carpet in it for two girls, which will not require much effort to care for him.
  • Children's bedroom should be bright and sunny.. The lack of natural light can be compensated by the design of the walls and furniture in light pastel colors or photo wallpapers with large light drawings.
  • A large mirror will also add light to the room. but the best option is to have a “personal” mirror for each girl, as this can prevent certain conflicts during “beauty guidance”.
  • Individual night light or lamps with adjustable brightness - One of the solutions to the problem of different regimes in children.Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of night lights in the form of butterflies, asterisks, cartoon or fairy-tale characters that will create a special fairy-tale reality for little princesses in the dark.
  • From the point of view of child psychologists, the gentle colors are the ideal colors for a child’s decoration. olive, apricot, pink, mint, pistachio, golden or peach color. You can add design, decorating the interior with bright elements: pictures, ruffles, wall stickers or colorful furniture. Bright red, purple or blue colors can cause aggression or depression, so do not overdo it with their use.
  • Glossy stretch ceiling visually expands the space and provides a field for creativity, as the sisters can easily paint or decorate with stickers, depicting a bright sky or the light of night stars.
  • "Girlish" accessories noticeably revive the bedroom. For this purpose, soft toys, flowers, photographs, crafts, posters with stars, favorite disks and many other things that are on the list of favorite things for daughters can serve.
  • To maintain order in the room will help baskets and boxes for toys, caskets for small things or hanging organizers that will not allow a more young girl to reach for the personal things of the older one.

The most important thing when designing a bedroom for two girls is that each of them feels cozy, comfortable and in no case one of them has a feeling of being deprived of love and parental care.

In the next video, see even more ideas for the design of a bedroom for two girls.

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