Design kitchen area of ​​8 square meters. meters with a fridge

The kitchen is a gathering place for the whole family. It is on it that we spend most of the time being at home. Therefore, it is important that this space be properly planned and decorated.

Before proceeding with the repair, you must have a project of the future premises. Of course, it is better to entrust this work to interior design professionals. They will create the best layout option, taking into account the wishes of the customer and the characteristics of the room.

But knowing the main points in the planning of the premises and a number of rules that need to be followed, make the design quite capable of and independently.

Features of the layout

In a fairly small kitchen area of ​​8 square meters, you can install a kitchen set with the necessary built-in appliances and a sink, find a place for a refrigerator and a dining area, as well as arrange additional storage spaces.

Beautiful decoration with light, textiles and other decorative elements will complete the creation of a cozy room with full use of space.

The most optimal in this area will be the angular location of the kitchen.

If the room is elongated, you can make the headset linear by placing it along the long side. At the other wall you can arrange a dining area.

The largest piece of equipment in the kitchen is the refrigerator. It should be in the quick access zone and not clutter up the space. Built-in or detached: its place is at the beginning or end of the kitchen, but not in the middle. If the kitchen does not have the function of a dining room, then the U-shaped kitchen set will perfectly fit.

The kitchen can be combined with a balcony or loggia and use the extra space as a dining room or storage space.


Currently, there are many styles and trends in the design of kitchen space - classic, "Provence", "chebbi-chic", Scandinavian, modern. It is necessary to choose the most suitable.

But do not forget that the room has a fairly small area and standard height. Whatever style you choose, for such volumes it is better to follow minimalism. In this direction there is no congestion of space with a large amount of furniture and objects, only the most necessary. Minimalism is laconic and easy to read.

Color solutions

For the design of small rooms are always relevant light colors. So space visually increases. A favorite is still white. Its combination with the texture of the tree and other colors gives interesting solutions.

The ideal use of white in the interior is the style of "shabby-chic", where white is the main, and as an addition you can use gentle, marshmallow shades of turquoise, pink, violet and wooden textures of authentic furniture and decor.

Also relevant is the Scandinavian style, which is characterized by lack of space, a combination of white color and wood texture. Light, whitened shades in the interior will help create a corner of "Provence" in a small space. Regardless of the style chosen, the primary colors should be bright colors, as they visually expand the space.


When decorating the walls it is better to use plain coatings. Wallpaper in small pattern does not visually reduce the space. The ceiling will look higher if you stick a vertical striped wallpaper. A large picture and a too bright background, on the contrary, reduce the space of the room.

The ideal ceiling for a standard height is classic white.From a practical point of view, the best will be suspended ceiling. It is easy to look after him, it fire-resistant and waterproof.

With such a small volume, there is no need to make complex ceilings with level differences. Multilevel ceiling looks good in a room with a height of 3 meters and more

When finishing the floor is better to use wood. Eco-friendly material with a beautiful texture, but requires special careful care.

The best option for the floor - ceramic tiles. To date, there are many beautiful options with the effect of aging, with a woodgrain pattern, with shiny splashes.

Indoors of 8 squares are not recommended to use floor tiles of large sizes.

Good use and cork coating. The coating is not slippery, does not crack and retains heat.

Space ergonomics

In the kitchen space, the basic tone is set by the correct ergonomics - the creation of a working triangle with sides of 1.2-1.5 m, the vertices of which are the location of the stove, sink and refrigerator.

As a rule, the location of the sink is tied to the place of the water riser.If it is impossible to adjust to the existing communications, you can move the pipes to another place. Knowing the location of the sink and using the principle of the working triangle, it is easy to determine the location of the stove with a refrigerator.

Choice of kitchen furniture

Do not pile space with plenty of furniture. At the same time, there is a need for sufficient storage space. These tasks perfectly combines a kitchen set. Kitchen set you need to select in a given style, better light shades. If you want to add a headset of a dark or bright color to the light decoration of the room, it is better to perform the lower tier of the headset in this color, and the wall cabinets in a light, even white color. So the kitchen will seem easier, the space will be integral.

The cabinets of the lower tier of the kitchen set with drawers are more convenient than the cabinet with doors and a shelf. Pulling the box, everything is in front of your eyes, there is no need to bend down and look for the desired item.

Hinged cabinets of the upper tier can be fully or partially replaced by hinged shelves. This technique makes the space easy and open.From the side of the free edge in the corner set, it is better to make cabinets of rounded shape. Having added doors with glass on them, we visually expand and facilitate the kitchen space.

The dining area must be selected taking into account the number of people living. In the kitchen area of ​​8 square meters. m. better fit small rectangular or round tables and light chairs. To save space, you can use a folding table and folding chairs.

Choosing home appliances

For a small kitchen is better to choose built-in appliances. It is beautiful in style and convenient to operate.

  • The optimal size of the base for washing 60 cm.
  • Built-in hob 4 rings with a standard width of 60 cm. If you cook a lot and often are not necessary, two rings will suffice.
  • Hood 60 cm wide located just above the hob.
  • Oven size width 60 cm and place it under the hob. If you plan to use a pencil box in the kitchen, it is more convenient to place the oven on a higher level.
  • Dishwasher 45 cm in size is placed near the sink.
  • Standard Width Refrigerator 60 cm. The refrigerator can be detached.

Ideas for decoration

In addition to well-equipped kitchen appliances and convenient planning, you need to create a cozy atmosphere. This is easy to achieve if you use the following techniques.


One of the main tasks of the design space - the correct placement of light. The specificity of the use of the premises is such that in addition to the central lighting, the working area must be well illuminated. To do this, on the ceiling along the working surface of the kitchen it is necessary to arrange spotlights or lamps on the leg in order to be able to adjust the direction of light. It is good to have additional lighting in the dining area.

The lighting inside the wall cabinets with glass doors looks beautiful. If you make the backlight under the lower tier of the kitchen, there will be an impression that the kitchen is floating in the air. Decorate the room and style wall lamp on the wall near the dining area.


In textiles, you can play with color and add bright spots to the light, laconic and calm interior. Interesting curtains, cushions for chairs, kitchen towels and napkins can stand out from the overall room color in terms of brightness, but they must be in harmony with it.

Additional elements

Additional decorative elements are mirrors, paintings or posters, storage baskets and original dishes. An interesting solution to the wallpaper or murals on one of the walls. Images in perspective will create the effect of expanding space.

See the finished projects, try to realize your vision of the kitchen space and create a beautiful interior with comfortable and functional content.

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