Grohe mixers: pros and cons, tips on choosing a model

 Grohe mixers: pros and cons, tips on choosing a model

Grohe is considered a leader in its segment; it has been pleasing consumers with high-quality fixtures for many years. The product range of this manufacturer includes many models of faucets that can be used in bathrooms, showers, in the kitchen.

Special features

A good quality mixer should not only look stylish, but also be produced using modern technologies, meet all safety requirements and perfectly fulfill its functions. These devices are exposed to high loads every day, so when you buy should be preferred to a reliable manufacturer. Such is the company Grohe, which produces high-quality products that can turn everyday tasks and needs into pleasure.

The product line of this manufacturer is a constructive solution, reliable and convenient equipment that serves for many years. Plumbing accessories can be mounted in different ways, so they can easily be combined with other production equipment. Before you go on sale, each plumbing unit is checked and tested, which allows the buyer to receive high-quality goods. The appearance of the faucets is elegant, high-tech and versatile, so it can fit into any room.

Workers who work on the creation of products Grohe, use the latest technology, so that the mixers have a lot of advantages compared with other brands.

The device machinery Grohe - is a reliable and high-quality items. The levers are capable of increasing the angle of rotation, the handles are characterized by smooth circulation, the cartridges are securely fixed inside the mixer, therefore, emergency situations occur extremely rarely. Also a feature of technology for bathrooms and kitchens Grohe is the simplicity and speed of their installation.

German product quality is a plus for Grohe.Due to this, each product has a long service life. By preferring these mixers, users can rely on reliability, agility, functionality, stylish design. Consumers also appreciate the innovation of this product, which include the instantaneous supply of boiled water. With a sequence of keystrokes, the fluid is supplied with different temperatures.

From minuses of mixers Grohe it is possible to note high cost on advanced and multipurpose models. But this disadvantage quickly pays for the profitability of the equipment.


Depending on the components, the mixers may have the function of adjusting the temperature of the water or work without it. There is also a type of equipment that is characterized by a progressive return or rotational principle of operation. This sanitary accessory has the following composition:

  • spindle;
  • cap;
  • gland sleeve;
  • screws for fasteners.

Also included is a valve handle, a nut that holds the base, gland packings that have a spout, gaskets. According to the design, leakage protection is provided by a stuffing sleeve, and insulation is provided by a waterproof gasket.

Single-valve taps supply cold or hot water, so they are equipped with a copper chrome-plated or brass body, valve, swivel nozzle from a flexible eyeliner. The principle of operation of this device depends on the type of locking mechanism.

Two-valve valves have the ability to mix hot and cold liquids. The mixer has a chrome body that is made of brass. Parts of the product include valves that control the operation of the cartridges. Spout is supplied with an aerator, so that water is filtered. The switch of this device provides redirection of water flow on a flexible leash. Levers with a single-lever ball mixer aerator make it possible to save water by reducing its consumption and enriching it with oxygen.

This equipment operates on the basis of the rod, which fixes the levers. After the latter rise, mixing of the liquid of different temperature occurs.

Thermostat faucets are the most advanced models. They are equipped with a brass body, adjusting devices, a thermostat, a crank box, a switch and an adjusting manual.This product is also equipped with a lock that limits the temperature limit value. The kit also has a shower hose for this type of faucet.

The company Grohe sells all the necessary parts that may be needed for the repair of mixers. The most popular are ceramic cartridges with a diameter of 35 and 46 millimeters. For a long and good service life of the sanitary accessory, he will need a moisture-resistant lubricant.

Shower branded hoses have good quality, flexibility, protection from kinks and twisting. They can be presented in different lengths, as well as coated with bronze, chrome plating. All the necessary repair kit can always be ordered using the official website, as well as from product dealers.

As an addition to the new mixer, you need to use gaskets, flexible liner, rigid liner with snaps. This part of the design requires replacement in the presence of percolation of the mixer or the inability of the hose to withstand water pressure.

Specialists recommended replacing the flexible liner with a hard one, which can increase the life of the mixer several times.

Which to choose?

Among the variety of options Grohe mixers choose the right - not an easy task. First of all, the product must fully fulfill its purpose, making life easier for residents of the house. It is also important that the equipment is easy to install, easy to use, blends in harmoniously with the interior of the room and has an optimal balance of price and quality. The range of products of the company is huge and has at least two hundred models, so it is important to determine the tasks that the mixer will perform. But today there are many options from simple to more advanced, that has a switch, lubricant, thermostat.

Often, mixers operate in conjunction with the sink and sink, so when choosing it you need to take into account the depth and size of the product. During the purchase it is worth considering the height of the spout. It should not be much, as the spray will scatter around the room.

Next, you should think about the design of the mixer. The company offers a wide range of equipment that will surely suit the taste of the buyer with the most refined taste. If the room is decorated in the style of minimalism, hi-tech or classics, then Grohe sanitary engineering equipment will complement and decorate the interior.


Universal and very convenient Grohe mixers are of such types.

  • Classic two-valve. It is capable of mixing liquids using two different taps. This option is suitable for people who are accustomed to traditional plumbing.
  • Single lever. This type of plumbing adjusts the temperature and water pressure with one lever.
  • Touch sensor This type of mixer is the most modern and improved. The reaction, as well as the opening of the tap with water, occurs when the device is held by hand.

In turn, the two-valve device is divided into the following types.

  • With the presence of a rubber seal, it has a rather short service life, but is easy to install. With a regular change of the laying of plumbing of this type can last a long period of time.
  • With the presence of a ceramic check valve. This type of faucet is not afraid of high temperatures, but poor water quality can be fatal.

The convenience of a single lever mixer is manifested in the simplicity of control that is possible with the use of one finger. The basis of such mechanisms are ceramic cartridges.The disadvantage of this equipment is considered to be high demands on the qualitative composition of water, in the presence of contaminants and impurities, frequent breakdowns are possible. The cost of a single-lever mixer is higher than a double-lever mixer, but it pays off with ease of operation and long service life. A sink faucet is very popular; there are many varieties of such a company.

Sensory cranes that are able to start work when exposed to infrared radiation from the human body are considered the newest, most expensive and widespread. In such a mixer does not provide for the rotation of the lever for opening or closing water, enough holding a hand.

Some models are equipped with motion sensors that allow the user to control the pressure while being at a distance from the crane.

Kitchen faucets by type of installation are divided into the following types:

  • wall, which allows you to choose the optimal installation height;
  • with fastening to the sinks - the most familiar and convenient option.

Mixer models that are equipped with a monolithic body, recognized as the most durable and durable, but they are not particularly practical and comfortable when used in the kitchen, because they do not give the opportunity to turn the spout.For this reason, many products are equipped with a moving structure, with which you can make a long spout and short. According to the arrangement with respect to the sink, the mixer is of a compact and professional type. The last option is considered more durable, since the hose is located outside the equipment. Compact flush-mounted version has a hose inside the spout.

For the bathroom, devices with a bottom valve are often used that are capable of blocking water. There are also models of the surgical type, which are established not only in medical organizations, but also in homes where people with limited physical abilities live.

The module, with the help of which the water supply is turned on, can be wall-mounted and floor-mounted, which allows you to control the operation of the mixer using your foot. For the shower, the mixer can have different versions of complete sets. Models with a thermostat are devices that have conquered the plumbing market. They are electronic, mechanical and contactless type.

In turn, the user can give preference to the following types of bathroom faucets:

  • with long spout;
  • with a short spout.

Each Grohe product unit meets all hygienic requirements and is absolutely safe for people of different ages. The model range of the company does not make one wish for the best, and whatever the taste or budget the consumer has, there will be a suitable mixer for everyone. A variety of shower options will be a good addition to the bathroom. In each system there is a choice of a jet: a set of 3 in 1, toning, relaxing, soothing.

Recently, Russian consumers have begun to install toilet seats with a bidet function in their homes. The company Grohe allows you to manage equipment using a mobile application. Thanks to modern technology, the user can control the water temperature, the duration of the sitting and many other parameters.

The manufacturer Grohe is not only hundreds of models of mixers, but also sinks and sinks for the bathroom and kitchen. The choice can be stopped both on classical, and on ultramodern model. Those who can not imagine their life without a daily shower, can please themselves with all sorts of accessories.Mixers that have a thermostat and a rain shower are very popular.


Grohe exposes each of its products to rigorous testing before the products are sold. Thanks to high-quality manufacturing materials, all mixers can last for at least ten years. Each spare and component unit is made of corrosion-resistant metal with a good coating. A brass, steel or ceramic mixer with a coating of chromium, brass, nickel from a well-known brand is a guarantee of reliability and long operation of goods.

The price of the product directly depends on the material used. Silumin models are considered the cheapest. They look pretty attractive, but wear out quickly.

The most high-quality goods include brass mixers, the surface of which is covered with aluminum, bronze or chrome. These options are wear resistant and durable.


The color palette of products of this company is not limited, but still the most popular black and white mixers. Chrome finish of the parts: taps, mixers and holders is considered popular and in demand today.Chrome combined with laconic form is a modern classic that modern consumers need.

Tips and tricks

Despite intensive loads and regular use of Grohe plumbing fixtures, they do not need frequent repairs. But with poor water quality, improper and careless use of faucets may break. According to the advice of experienced users and sellers of plumbing, repair of this equipment is better to do on their own, it does not need a lot of skills and abilities. Or, alternatively, you can return the non-working goods to the seller, provided that the warranty on it is valid.

The most common problems with mixers:

  • flow;
  • low water pressure in the faucet;
  • problems with the work of the accessory in the “bath-shower” mode;
  • insufficient tightness of the switch.

It is recommended first to find out and eliminate the cause that caused the breakdown of the device. Often, the mixers break down due to hard water, the switch clogs with debris and small particles, and parts wear. Experts advise to use water filters to prevent clogging plumbing.

If the cartridge is not functioning well, then most likely, abrasive particles from running water have been stuck in the internal ceramic disk. Due to this situation, the mixer may leak. To return the equipment to normal operation, you need to change the shutter.

This procedure is performed by the following actions:

  • removing the sanitary accessory plug;
  • unscrewing the screw holding the lever;
  • separation of the device from the case;
  • removing the broken cartridge and replacing it.

Install the lever in reverse order. Such works are suitable for designs of any kind. The Grohe equipment, which is equipped with the SpeadCleen system, has silicone lining for filtration. If there is a blockage of the cartridge in this model, then to normalize the water pressure it is enough to hold your finger along the liner.

Often there are times when there is a simultaneous flow of fluid from the tap and shower. During such situations, professionals recommend to pay attention to the spool gasket.

Repair sequence:

  • screwing up the water feed lever;
  • dismantling the hose from the shower head;
  • cleaning adapter and drain;
  • unscrewing the main screw that secures the control lever;
  • removal of the clown;
  • removing the spool gasket from the body, removing the silicone rings;
  • installation of new rings and their new hydration;
  • replacement spool gasket;
  • plumbing restoration according to the scheme in the reverse order.

To save money during the repair of mixers, experts advise to independently make rings of rubber. This work requires a material whose thickness is four centimeters. Linen threads and thin copper gaskets - this is what can save the situation with a breakdown and increase the service life of the mixer. But after a while, the device will still have to be disassembled.

To increase the service life of a sanitary product and to preserve an attractive appearance for many years, we should not ignore the recommendations for cleaning and maintenance:

  • daily care of the chrome faucet is the cleansing of its surface after each bathing or washing dishes;
  • water often contains chlorine, which can damage the appearance of the structure, so that there is no lime left on the surface, you should use water, a sponge, a soft napkin and remove excess;
  • after wiping with a wet cloth, the mixer is recommended to wipe dry;
  • for a deep periodic cleaning it is worth using a special cleaner, it will carefully remove dirt and does not harm the surface.

A lot of advice and recommendations of people who understand plumbing and accessories to it, are aimed at buying quality faucets, rather than their cheap fakes. To distinguish genuine products from fakes, you should use the tips:

  • buy products only from a trusted and reliable seller who can provide certificates;
  • check the quality of the engraving and the series on the products; this information is fuzzy for counterfeit goods;
  • saddle material must be exclusively plastic;
  • look at the thickness of the lever; with a fake mixer, it is much thinner than necessary;
  • Each product has a signature on the crimping sleeve.

Manufacturers and reviews

Producer country Grohe is Germany. There are also factories in the Netherlands and Portugal. These sanitary accessories are common and known in many parts of the world due to their high quality.The German brand gives 5 years warranty, and also offers a wide range of stylish, functional equipment for the bathroom and kitchen. The cost of production is fully justified by the respectability, prestige and reliability of these goods.

Judging by the customer reviews, Grohe mixers fit perfectly into the interior and have no problems with functionality. Consumers also like the simple design and ease of use of the accessory. Many note the silent operation of the crane and ease of turning. Exploring reviews, you can see that models with aerators are a good investment, as they do not splash water and save it.

Often people buy Eurosmart Cosmopolitan model and speak about it only from the best side. This mixer has a small weight and perfect design, the device is able to turn 180 degrees. Buyers like the smooth shifting of the lever, which does not require effort. Buyers say that despite the absence of a water filter, there were no problems with the cartridge, as well as breakdowns. The model is quite easy to clean.

Sometimes problems arise in working with sensory models, the repair of which is more expensive than mechanical ones. Mixers like Bauflow numbered 23156000, 23324001, 124895, buyers rated it quite high. Positive reviews are directed to the reasonableness of parts, durability, wear resistance, which fully compensates for their considerable cost.

Successful examples and options

After the choice of the mixer is made, it is worth deciding on the place of its installation. The built-in model, which is equipped with a shower or a faucet with a turn, is mounted on the wall; it will be relevant for any type of room. But best of all, this washbasin model is suitable for a small bathroom. If you have a small-sized bathroom, then it will also be successful to install models with a shower in it. As for the floor option, in this situation it will not be relevant.

But for a spacious room floor model, which is equipped with figured spout, will have the best possible way. It would be advisable to combine such a mixer with a beautiful bowl in the center of the room. Such plumbing will give the bathroom luxury and sophistication.

Grohe is a company whose main value is not only the design and application of modern technologies, but also the quality proven over the years.Choosing a mixer from this manufacturer will be the right decision, which you will not regret.

This accessory plumbing deservedly receives the best reviews, which say about the long service life and the simplicity of its functionality. Each item is special in its own way and has its own individual advantages. Grohe mixers are quality, reliability and safety.

In the next video you will find a review of the mixer with a thermostat Grohe.

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