Oras faucets: brand product overview

Oras faucets: brand product overview

In the modern market of plumbing presents a huge selection of mixers for different purposes from different manufacturers. Cranes brand Oras are quite popular. What are they and what range does this manufacturer offer, let's see.

Features and benefits

Finnish Oras faucets are represented on the domestic market for a long enough period of time for buyers to appreciate the advantages of this type of plumbing.

They have enough advantages.

  • Product quality is top notch. Mixers of this manufacturer meet the standards established not only in our country, but also in the European Union.
  • This is an environmentally friendly product, as evidenced by the ISO 14001 quality certificate.
  • They are configured for economical water consumption.
  • The warranty period for Oras mixers is set from two years for contactless taps to 5 years - for conventional single-lever structures.
  • The wide model range will help to pick up the crane under any design of the room.

The disadvantages include, perhaps, only the price, but it fully corresponds to the price-quality ratio.


Under the Oras trademark, a rather large volume of various types of mixers is produced.

They can be divided by purpose.

  • Kitchen taps. Their distinguishing feature is the presence of a high spout, designed for the convenience of washing large-sized dishes. Some models have a retractable gander system, i.e. equipped with a shower. This design is used so that the hose can be removed from the sink and fill the pan outside it.
  • Washbasin taps. These are fairly compact structures that have a low spout, are installed on the sinks in the bathroom and are intended only for washing hands.
  • Bath and shower faucets also available under the trademark Oras. This type of taps is equipped with a shower head.
  • The models established on a bidet. This type of faucet usually has a swivel base of the spout tip or is equipped with a retractable watering can.

By installation type:

  • faucets can be installed on the edge of the sink or bathtub or mounted to the wall;
  • There are shower systems that are mounted on the floor.

They can be divided by the type of water temperature switching.

  • Single lever. These faucets have one pedal, turning which from side to side, you adjust the temperature of the water supplied.
  • Two-handled. This type of faucet has a classic method of regulation, that is, the pressure of each type of water increases or decreases with a separate rotary knob, and then the flows are mixed in the spout.

In addition, under the brand Oras produced modern models of cranes. Quite popular for installation in public places, and at home for the sink, uses a contactless mixer. This faucet has an infrared indicator that responds to the heat of the hands being brought to it and automatically turns on the water. This type of mixer increases the hygiene of the handwashing procedure, since you do not have to turn off the tap.

Another new type of faucet, also available under this brand, is thermostatic faucets. This type is equipped with a thermostat that automatically changes the pressure of the liquid, constantly maintaining its set parameters.


All the elements that the company uses in its cranes are of very high quality. The body is based on brass alloy, which does not undergo oxidation, which means that no harmful impurities get into the water, the mixer is safe for human health. From above, all the taps are covered with a chromium-nickel coating. Metal parts are covered in two layers, which increases the resistance of the coating. Plastic crane components are sprayed four times. This will allow not only to preserve the appearance of the product, but also increases the service life of plastic parts, reduces the effect of high temperatures on them.

All plates and cartridges in these products are made of aluminum dioxide - the third most durable material in the world. Thanks to this, the manufacturer managed to increase the warranty period of the products. Also, all the taps in the kit have a high-quality connection cable for connecting them to the system.water supply. Products intended for installation in the shower and bath are complemented by a watering can holder.

Brand lines

The Oras range of mixers is quite wide. It is mainly represented by modern designs, but you can also find taps made in the traditional style. Many confuse the brands Oras and Coras, but these are two completely different brands, the second being a cheap Chinese copy of the first. All mixers of the Oras brand are divided into separate lines, in which models made in the same style are assembled.

Here are a few product lines that are most popular in the domestic market.

  • Saga. One of the latest lines issued by the Oras trademark. Here, all mixers have a single-lever control system with a small foot pedal. The design of the cranes is based on modern design. They are characterized by streamlined shape in combination with the angularity of the lines. This series includes faucets for bath, shower, bidet and kitchen.
  • Polara. Mixers for those who prefer a combination of tradition and stability. Simple and ergonomic, they will decorate any interior of the room, decorated in a variety of styles - from modern to minimalist.
  • Cubista. This series is specially designed for rooms decorated in a modern style of cubism, but suitable for most other popular designs. These mixers are distinguished by the correct geometric shape and well-adjusted proportions. They are creative and ergonomic. It is possible to pick up the crane of this series as with a single-lever control system, and contactless, thermostatic.

Opinion owners and plumbers

Owners reviews about Oras mixers are quite varied. Many people like the appearance of the cranes, which is not lost over the years of operation, stylish design. Professionals talk about the reliability of parts and the latest technologies that are used to create mixers of this brand. But there are negative reviews about this product. Many mention the very high price of mixers, that this quality can be purchased crane is much cheaper. The fact that in thermostatic and contactless mixers, replaceable batteries have a rather short lifespan, and that the valves with a thermostat do not keep the set temperature well.

User's manual

Proper operation of the mixer can prolong its life.

Here are some rules to follow after installing a crane.

  • Before first use, unscrew the tip aerator and rinse the mixer with water to avoid clogging. The same procedure should be carried out after each turn off of the water in order to clean up all the garbage from the system.
  • It is impossible to clean the mixers with abrasive particles and hard brushes. They may scratch the coating and damage the appearance of the product. It is recommended to use special cleaners designed for chrome coatings, or ordinary soap solution.
  • Install on the water inlet in the apartment filters. It is advisable to choose models with interchangeable elements.
  • If you are using a touch mixer, you need to change batteries in time. This will tell you the indicator that blinks.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Thanks to the wide range of Oras products, this brand of faucets can be chosen for almost any interior. Here are some beautiful examples of using these cranes. Modern contactless Electra 6100 faucet without unnecessary details, streamlined shape can be installed even in the bathroom, decorated in a classic style.

The crane of the correct geometrical forms of Optima New 2720F will perfectly fit into the interior issued in the style of hi-tech.

The Alessi One faucet will look good in both modern styles such as hi-tech and minimalism, as well as in some ethnic designs.

An overview of the Oras mixer awaits you in the next video.

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