Flywheels for mixers: device and subtleties of repair

Pressure and temperature control on plumbing fixtures is done using special handles. The most popular models are single-handle cranes (with one lever) or two valves (flywheels). The latest versions are distinguished by reliability, durability and cheapness - it is about them that this material will be discussed.


Manufacturers offer several types of flywheels. These products are designed for two valve mixers. Most often they are implemented in pairs. The flywheel responsible for the supply of hot water is marked with a red mark, for the supply of cold water is marked blue.

Manufacturers produce several types of such products.

  • Cross - This is a flywheel having a cruciform shape. It is one of the simplest devices to perform. Such equipment does not have bulk, so it is easy to use.Its blades are completely captured by the fingers, which prevents the hand from sliding when applying or turning off water.
  • Quadro - it is the sanitary equipment having 4 dredging for finger positions. Flywheel for cranes under the square has a concise design. It is easy to use.
  • Trio. It is a volume flywheel for a mixer with three square edges. Slippery handle - the only but significant drawback of such a product.
  • Erika - is a sanitary device, made in the form of a prism with eight faces. It is one of the best anti-slip options.
  • Maria - This is a flywheel, on the basis of which there are seven notches for the location of the fingers. Differs in stylish design.

In addition to the different appearance, the presented models can be made from different materials, which to a greater extent determines the performance, reliability and durability of flywheels.

Manufacturing materials

Appearance is a non-main aspect that you should pay attention to when choosing handles on a crane. Also consider the material from which the handwheel is made for the mixer.Most often, for the production of such products are taken various metals.

Budget models are made of bronze, stainless steel or brass. Due to chemical neutrality, no lime deposits are formed on such products. Crane boxes are made of the same metals.

Expensive elite versions of the valves are made of silver or gold. On sale there are metal products coated with gold. They will be able to emphasize not only the excellent taste of the owner, but also will become a unique decor in the kitchen or bathroom.

Also flywheels can be made of ceramics, plastic and wood.

  • Ceramics. Plumbing with a ceramic handle is easy to clean. It is almost invisible stains and water drops. Ceramic products are aesthetic, but unreliable because of their fragility.
  • Plastic. It is the cheapest option. Today, in stores on windows with plumbing fixtures, you can find models made of ordinary white plastic and chrome variations. Plumbing equipment made of polymers is not susceptible to the chemical composition of water. In addition, plastic handles have a low thermal conductivity,thanks to which they are convenient to use when supplying water with high temperature.
  • Tree. Most often purchased for saunas or baths. Widely used in Scandinavian-style bathrooms. Models for a bath with a wooden handle are made of expensive woods, characterized by high hardness. Crane with one handle has impeccable appearance and "nobility."

Also on sale are handles made of glass. They are aesthetic and original. In the bathroom, glass flywheels will be a stylish addition to any interior.


The mixer with two valves unites two flywheels in one having poured out. Thanks to this design, the pressure and temperature of hot or cold water are changed separately. A significant disadvantage is the need to constantly adjust the position of the flywheels to supply water at the optimum temperature, which is not very convenient.

The design of the crane with two valves is simple. It includes:

  • crane box or valve heads;
  • two flywheels;
  • housing;
  • spout and aerator;
  • flexible eyeliner.

Due to the simple and reliable structure, two-valve cranes are durable.However, they may also fail due to wear rubber pads or mechanical breakdown of one or two flywheels.

To repair the crane, it must be disassembled. This procedure can be performed with the help of plumbing, as well as personally using a flat-head screwdriver.

Disassembly and repair

To remove flywheels to eliminate leaks or to replace them with new ones, you need to act according to the instructions.

To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Turn off the water supply. The water is turned off in a certain sequence: first, the taps are opened, and the water supply in the pipe is shut off, after which the handwheels of the mixer are twisted. Due to this methodical nature, the occurrence of excess voltage in the pipeline is eliminated.
  • Disconnect the water temperature indicator with a screwdriver.
  • Loosen the screw that connects the flywheel with the mounting pin and remove the valve from the stem. On models without screws on the side, dismantling the handle will require its slight swaying from side to side and moderate squeezing of itself.
  • Unscrewing the crane box from the body of the crane.

The valve head to be replaced is selected on the model of the old one.It can have a different seat for the installation of flywheels: it is made in the form of a square or has 24 or 20 slots.

After the done actions, the internal parts of the mixer are cleaned of lime and dirt; if necessary, the rubber gaskets are replaced with new ones.

The assembly of the crane is performed in the opposite sequence:

  • screwing the valve heads up to the stop using an adjustable wrench;
  • winding decorative covers;
  • installation of flywheels and plugs.

After assembly, the taps are opened on the risers, and water is supplied through the mixer.

Selection rules

      Before buying valves, you need to decide on the model of sanitary equipment (shape, color, material) and the manufacturer. It is not necessary that the handles and the faucet be of the same production - most of the flywheel models are universal, thanks to which they fit any type of mixer.

      It is best to buy valves in regular stores, and not to purchase products on various Internet sites. Choosing the flywheels "live" and not on the online storefront, it is possible to visually assess the quality of the product and compare it with the old sample.Also, if you have questions, the consultant can help you choose the right model based on the preferences of the client and his financial capabilities.

      If you still plan to make a purchase in the online store, you need to give preference to dealer sites. To avoid buying low-quality products, you should familiarize yourself with the products offered by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers.

      How to disassemble the two-valve mixer, shown in the following video.

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