Greenhouses "Will": types and characteristics

To the delight of gardeners and gardeners, there are polycarbonate frame greenhouses that allow you to grow various crops even in the cold season. Now on the market you can find many such facilities, but among the first were the greenhouses "Volya". Types and characteristics of products manufactured by companies are described in this article.

Features of the company

Volia has its own production, equipped with modern equipment. The workshops are located in Dubna in the north of the Moscow region. The main activity is the production of greenhouses, greenhouses and their further implementation in the Russian Federation. The organization is one of the first to appear on the domestic market. Over 20 years of operation, the products of this company have become known among amateur gardeners and professional farmers. You can buy greenhouses from more than 300 dealers throughout Russia. The manufacturer took care of its potential customers by launching a wide range of products so that it was possible to select a greenhouse for specific tasks and budget.

All products can be divided into several categories:

  • prefabricated polycarbonate;
  • greenhouses that need to be covered with foil;
  • commercial models designed for professional cultivation of crops.

Products differ in their features depending on the intended purpose, but it is possible to identify common features that are characteristic of the products of the company Volia.

Advantages and disadvantages

When choosing a greenhouse you need to correlate the pros and cons to find a suitable solution. The products of this brand have the following positive features.

  • For the manufacture of the frame used metal profile - this is typical for most models. The ribs are located at different angles, which increases the strength by several times when compared with standard square pipes. Zinc coating protects against moisture and prolongs service life. For industrial greenhouses used reinforced profile.
  • The company uses modern equipment to perform all manufacturing operations with high precision, so the details of the structures do not require fitting and easily fall into place.The specificity of greenhouses is also taken into account - for year-round, you can immediately find the rubber seals in the kit.
  • Since the organization has a wide network of branches throughout the country, the delivery of the order usually does not take much time.
  • Also, a specialized team from the company may come to the assembly, although some models of country greenhouses are already delivered in semi-assembled form, with instructions that allow the buyer to deliver them independently.

There are products and some disadvantages that have been noticed by attentive owners. For example, weak locking elements on the doors and windows, which the gardeners had to replace with homemade locks. Also, the complexity of installation is noted; for an unprepared person, such work may take several days. However, despite the shortcomings, the demand for greenhouses remains stable from year to year, in addition, manufacturers take into account the opinions of customers and produce new, improved models.

Manufacturing materials

To create greenhouses of this brand, in most cases, a metal frame from a profile is used. Its advantage in reliability and convenient transportation - when disassembled, such products do not take up much space, so they are easy to transport.In addition, profiles made of profiles are more economical than those of pipes, which has a positive effect on the total cost of the greenhouse. The manufacturer also divides the design into three categories, according to the degree of strength of each of them:

  • the most durable and reliable - titanic, to the representatives of this group are models called "Arrow", "Optima";
  • average in terms of options - guaranteed strength, for example, “Twin”;
  • standard - such as "Perchin".

Greenhouses, the strength of which is designated as titanic or guaranteed, are resistant to loads, so you can safely use them in any season. Standard for the winter you need to remove or install additional supports to the existing frame so that the structure does not deform under the weight of the snow. As a coating, it is proposed to use polycarbonate, but there are also inexpensive economy-class greenhouses that are suitable for wrapping film. As a rule, the latter are used only as a summer option. As for polycarbonate, it has a lot of advantages:

  • high level of thermal insulation;
  • good light transmission;
  • UV protection;
  • strength and resistance to mechanical stress;
  • durability.

Polycarbonate surpasses film or glass in its qualities, therefore it is used for the construction of modern greenhouses. When ordering from this manufacturer, you can choose a complete set, including coverage, or restrict yourself to buying only the frame.

Popular models

Greenhouse "Arrow" - a modern dacha construction, adapted for winters with abundant precipitation. Arcs are able to withstand heavy loads. The height is optimal and suitable for growing various plants. In the model range there is another version of this greenhouse with the mark "3.0", it is wider and can accommodate three beds.

Greenhouse "Optima" has a traditional arched shape. There are two doorways, each has a vent for ventilation. This design does not require winter maintenance, as it can withstand a significant snow load.

Greenhouse "Treshka" It has three beds and various accessories, it is quite spacious in width.The maximum level of snow load is not too large, so the model requires additional maintenance in winter.

Greenhouse "Dvushka" It has a compact size and is suitable for those gardeners who grow a small number of crops, or owners of small plots. The model has good strength and is able to withstand snow loads in the cold season.

Greenhouse "Orion" It has an original design with sliding roof panels. In the summer it provides convenient airing and the creation of all necessary conditions for the growth of crops. In winter, you can not be afraid of snow load by sliding the panels down. In addition, it helps to restore the nutritional properties of the soil. The “Present M2” model has a similar design.

Greenhouse "Delta" distinguished by its unusual shape - in the form of a house with a roof. Such models are rare on the market, although they have many advantages. The gable roof provides the possibility of using in winter, the snow on it does not accumulate and it does not need to constantly clean off. The tilt angle gives the maximum amount of light, which has a positive effect on the growth of seedlings.Due to the design features inside the greenhouse more volume.

Greenhouse "Lotos" - a small structure of the frame and polycarbonate coating type. The roof opens from two sides, which provides convenient watering and the ability to care for plants. Suitable for growing seedlings and does not take up much space on a small plot.

The models of the economy class, intended for the film, include such greenhouses as "Country 2D", "Perchina", hotbed "Gherkin". You can use them during the warm season. The advantage of these structures in a small weight and economy.

Country 2D "
greenhouse "cucumber"

A separate category - greenhouses from the line "Farmer", intended for professional use. They are distinguished by a significant height - they can rise up to 4 meters, the permissible width can reach 7.5 meters, and the length is not limited by additional inserts. The cost of these models is the highest of the entire range of the company.

They are strong and durable, so sometimes they are used not only as greenhouses, but also as storage or industrial premises, garages, shelters for swimming pools.


Buyers leave a lot of positive feedback. They note the quality of the design, the fact that the products really endure the winter without any problems, as was stated by the manufacturer. The advantages are also a wide range of models with the ability to choose the desired shape, size and other characteristics.

However, some owners say that the frame breaks. Such claims are not always related to quality, because the reviews mention models that need winter maintenance, respectively, they needed to be disassembled for the winter or strengthen the structure and do not forget to remove the snow to avoid problems. In addition, popular models are often forged, and their strength really leaves much to be desired.

In order not to become a victim of fraud, it is better to purchase products from official dealers of the company.

Installation Tips

Greenhouses designed for polycarbonate are distinguished by a rather convenient device and are assembled with bolts and nuts, therefore only a screwdriver will be enough from the tools. The length is usually completed under the requirements, you can order any necessary, the only condition - it must be a multiple of two.This does not cause any difficulties in assembling, since the meters are added due to the connection of arcs according to the standard scheme.

Included with the greenhouse will also be possible to find rubber seals that will protect your plants from excessive moisture or cold air. In addition, the design may differ by additional options, if such were selected when ordering, for example, to have a device with automatic opening function, special walls for beds, a system for watering and other accessories.

When buying a greenhouse with a titanic or guaranteed durability, there is no need to worry about winter maintenance. But the model category "standard" must either be disassembled or additionally strengthened the frame so that it fully withstands the load of snow. Also for products intended for film, the coating will need to be removed for the winter.

When installing you should pay attention to the features of the site. If the territory is flat and without noticeable drops, then the foundation will not be needed, it will be possible to fix the structure in the ground with special arcs. In the presence of a slope it is better to take care of the additional installation of the foundation.Despite the fact that this will require costs, the owner can be sure that the greenhouse will not warp to one side. You can make the foundation of timber or reinforced concrete blocks, as well as filler, tape type.

The company can also order the installation of a greenhouse with the purchase, but in this case the owner will still have to take care of the preliminary preparation of the site. An exception is the purchase of industrial greenhouses, for them masters can prepare the foundation, install a heating system and irrigation equipment.

To learn how to assemble and install the greenhouse "Dachnaya-Strelka", see the following video.

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