The details of making greenhouses from glass

 The details of making greenhouses from glass

Many owners of their own summer cottages prefer glass greenhouses. Such structures are quite possible to make yourself. The main thing - just follow the instructions and use quality materials. Today we will take a closer look at such options of greenhouses, as well as analyze step by step how to make them with your own hands.

Special features

Currently, the greenhouse will not surprise anyone. Such facilities are present in many areas. They are made from a variety of materials, depending on the wishes of the owners. However, one of the most popular are glass constructions. They are not only effective in use, but also have a good appearance.

Greenhouses under glass were used from the distant 17th century. The first designs were made in France. At that time, the construction of these structures cost people incredibly expensive, so they are often met in the possessions of the rich. However, over time, the glass has ceased to be inaccessible material and began to be used in the ubiquitous construction. That is why today glass greenhouses are so popular - almost everyone can afford them.

The relevance of these structures is due not only to a rich history, but also to many positive qualities.

  • The main advantage of glass greenhouses is their high transparency. Due to this quality, you can significantly save on energy resources, because natural lighting will sufficiently penetrate into the interior of the structure.
  • Such structures are not afraid of external chemical and biological effects - over the years, the glass does not begin to rot or rust. In addition, this material is not afraid of high humidity, contact with chemicals, attacks of rodents and insects.Wooden versions of such properties can not boast, as well as metal.
  • The glass greenhouse is environmentally friendly. Glass does not emit toxic substances into the environment, even if there is sweltering heat outside. That is why such a greenhouse will not harm either the people or the plantings that will grow in its dungeons.
  • Such a structure can be supplemented with various decorative elements. With them the greenhouse can play with new colors and become a spectacular designer complement the landscape.
  • Quality glass greenhouses are not afraid of contact with abrasives. In addition, they are not subject to abrasion even after many years of operation.
  • Glass options are also good because in the event of a breakdown of one of the sections, it can easily be changed to a new one.
  • Glass is a durable material that does not lose its positive characteristics over time.
  • If any dirt appears on the surface of the glass parts, they can be easily and quickly disposed of with the help of an ordinary damp cloth. If this is not enough, it is permissible to use cleaning products - they do not harm the glass.
  • Such constructions are also good because they are not afraid of sudden gusts of wind.Under their influence, the construction is not deformed and will not squint. Of course, much depends on the quality of the greenhouse, as well as the foundation on which it stands.
  • Modern greenhouses are made of such glass, which is not afraid of either frost or heat. For this reason, such designs can be purchased for a variety of climatic conditions.

As you can see, a glass greenhouse is an excellent option that is durable and has a very long service life. If the design is made correctly, then it will also decorate the site. However, we must not forget about some of the shortcomings of these products.

  • The main disadvantage of glass greenhouses is their fragility. Such structures are afraid of mechanical impact from the outside. Even hail can damage them. For this reason, experts recommend purchasing options from special tempered, armored or reinforced glass, or plexiglass. But you need to consider that such materials are quite expensive.
  • The glass from which greenhouses are made is characterized by a high level of thermal conductivity. On the one hand, this is good - it is possible to maximize the use of heat from sunlight,but on the other hand, this design will heat up very quickly and cool down just as quickly, causing the crop to suffer. In winter, glass greenhouses have very high heat losses. Their warming turns into a real problem.
  • We can not ignore the fact that the glass in the design of the greenhouse has an impressive weight. For this reason, structures of such material must be placed on a very strong and well-thought-out foundation.
  • Glass greenhouse is always in the form of a house (with slight differences). Large selection of forms in the manufacture of such structures is not observed. This is due to the fact that glass itself is not a plastic material and it is impossible to bend it. That is why the choice of forms is strictly limited.
  • Despite the fact that today the cost of such products is very different from the cost that was in the distant past, they still do not cost too cheap. Of course, you can save and use for the construction of used glass with frames, but these options do not look so aesthetically pleasing.


Greenhouses are most often made of glass using aluminum profiles.Such material is good because it has a small weight and democratic value. In addition, metal parts can boast of high practicality, especially when compared with other varieties. It will be possible to build a greenhouse of almost any modification from the aluminum profile. Aluminum profiles are most often chosen in the manufacture of glass greenhouses also because they are not subject to decay, such as, for example, structures made of natural wood. Yes, and externally similar structures look very solid. It is not difficult to assemble and disassemble such a structure, even if the master does not have a wealth of experience.

In addition, aluminum-frame glass greenhouses are very simple and unpretentious in matters of care and maintenance. They wash seamlessly and make it easy to remove old plants. According to many summer residents, these buildings are able to decorate the site, giving it a special style.

Often, greenhouses are made of plastic windows. Such designs are recognized as one of the most practical, but they are quite expensive, especially if you use completely new parts.PVC profiles with high-quality double-glazed windows produce very warm greenhouses, which can be used without hindrance, even if there is a frosty winter outside. These constructions retain heat perfectly, so it’s not necessary to spend on additional heating.

In search of a more reliable option, you can turn to metal structures. Such specimens are characterized by high wear resistance, durability and practicality. Even if the base under the greenhouse is subjected to a serious deformation, the construction itself will not suffer from this.

Slightly less common glass greenhouses, which are based on a frame made of shaped pipes, coated with galvanized or painted. Not the greatest distribution of such options due to the fact that in their design is quite problematic to install glass. For this, wood frames are additionally prepared, which are further attached to the frame base. Only then go directly to the fixation of glass inserts. Similarly, it is possible to put fiberglass windows.

The framework for the glass greenhouse can be made of wood. This material is good because it is environmentally friendly, and it looks attractive. Visible wooden structures can be painted and varnished, if the owners want it. However, from the point of view of practicality, wood options cannot be called worthwhile. The wood is prone to rotting, cracking and "attacking" all sorts of parasites. Such a greenhouse is unlikely to last for a long time, but it will require regular maintenance and maximum care.

Types of designs

Glass greenhouses can vary not only by the materials of the frame base, but also by their designs. Usually these structures are made in the form of compact houses, which have their own distinctive characteristics and features of the structure. The most popular are recognized as stationary structures, prefabricated with bolts, which are made of a reliable aluminum profile and glass. They are assembled using bolts and have additional vents with which the inside of the greenhouse will be well ventilated.

There are also structures made of sliding systems made of aluminum.It is possible to open their side parts in order to ventilate the greenhouse if necessary. Such options are very convenient to use, if there is a need to normalize the microclimate in a hot day. As a rule, aluminum specimens with glass elements are seasonal. They are quite difficult to warm and adapt to the winter season.

How to do it yourself?

It is quite possible to build a high-quality glass greenhouse with your own hands. For the construction of such a structure it will also be necessary to draw up a project and all the necessary drawings in order to make the construction reliable and durable.


First you need to prepare a quality basis for the greenhouse construction. To do this, you must pre-mark the site and remove the top layer of soil in the place where the structure will be located. After that, you need to dig a pit with a depth of 700 mm. It will be necessary to level the bottom and pour gravel in a layer of 200 mm, as well as sand. Be sure to need to tamp this layer, then cover it with a special geotextile.

After that, you can proceed to the construction of a reinforcing frame base,using corrugated rods having a diameter of 8-12 mm. They will need to attach with knitting wire. Next, you should proceed to the design of the formwork of wooden panels. It is important to maintain a distance of 300 mm between parallel walls. The boards must be higher than the soil level, approximately 100-300 mm.

Be sure to check the geometry of the prepared elements. Then you need to pull them with the help of bars. From the outside, it is necessary to prop up the structure using special mowings so that the formwork does not disperse from the pressure produced by the solution of concrete. After that, you can start pouring concrete mix, splicing and leveling. After completing the above processes, the resulting structure will need to leave for about a month. Of the blocks or bricks will need to complete the base of the required height.


Having completed the construction of a high-quality base of a glass greenhouse, you can proceed to the design of a no less reliable framework. First, lay the bottom trim and tie, using galvanized corners or screws.This construction is attached to the base on anchors. Next, you need to correctly mark the perimeter and fix the vertical racks, fixing them with corners. You will also need to make strapping on the top, located at the top.


As for the truss system, it must be assembled on the ground. You can use different schemes. First you need to raise the farm to the frame and fix them on a special sled. The presence of a movable fastener will provide an opportunity to avoid the probable deformation of the roof in the event of significant ground heaving. When absolutely all trusses are installed, they will need to be joined with a ridge bar.


Before proceeding to the glazing of a greenhouse structure of wood (of course, you can use aluminum and iron profiles or build a skeleton from duralumin rolled products), you need to process the frame with a special antiseptic agent or whiten it with hydrated lime. Along the bottom edge of the rafters on the roof and ridge will need to nail the bars. Glass will need to be laid on the rafters, keeping between the individual parts of the intervals of 7-10 mm.Note that the edges should fall into the center of the truss foot. The gap that appears should be smeared with a sealing agent, covered with a plank of wood (it is advisable to fasten it using self-tapping screws).

Cut a strip of 200-300 mm from the galvanized sheet. It will need to bend along. At the junction of the glasses in the area of ​​the skate be sure to go with high-quality sealant. After that, you need to cover this base with a galvanized corner and also turn to the sealant for gluing.

All openings that are around the perimeter must be trimmed with slats of 20x20 (or 40) mm. This will form a neat inner frame that will function as a glass support. Next, you need to fix in the opening cut to the required dimensions of glass, and then from above fix it with beads on thin nails. In accordance with the dimensions of the doorway, you need to make a frame of 50x50 mm bars specifically for the door. For this, transverse parts (3-4 pieces) and 2 long side bars will be needed. The design can be assembled using the corners. In the inner part, as well as on the frame, it is necessary to make a glass rack support.It will be necessary to fix the hinges and fasten them in the opening at the end of the greenhouse.

Operation Tips

If you plan to make a greenhouse with a metal frame with your own hands, then you should additionally protect it from possible corrosion. If we neglect this stage, the profile itself or metal corners, in contact with air and moisture, will inevitably begin to collapse. At the request of the owners of the glass in the greenhouse it is possible to toned under a particular shade of the color spectrum. You can also refer to the design decoration frame framework, through which it will be possible to transform the site.

If you have made a greenhouse from ordinary fragile glass, then you should use it as carefully as possible. However, you should not worry if you accidentally break one of the glass sections (or it has suffered from hail or snow loads). It will be enough to replace the destroyed element with a new one. In most cases, glass greenhouses operate only during warm seasons and they are not year-round. However, some gardeners use them in cold seasons, pre-warming.

Similar glass structures can be made warmer with:

  • systems "warm floor" (in this case means cable heating);
  • infrared heating units;
  • ovens capable of circulating air;
  • heating radiators.

In addition, if you plan to use the greenhouse in the winter, for its design it is necessary to choose the most thick glass, which will prevent excessive heat loss. However, it is important to bear in mind that for such materials, more reliable metal frames are needed that can easily withstand impressive loads. Absolutely not suitable for use in winter, structures made of old window frames. This is explained by the fact that between them there will always remain cracks through which heat will rapidly leave the greenhouse.

If there is an old greenhouse made of glass at the dacha, then this is very good, because you can save extra forces and time. You will only need to carry out all the necessary work on the repair, and if you want to improve the existing design. If desired, the frame basis of the greenhouse can be painted in the color you like.Of course, for this it is best to use safe and environmentally friendly compounds.

If you want to prevent the heat escaping through the glazing during the cold season, you can make small arched structures of pipes above the beds and additionally close them with a special greenhouse film.

Recommendations for making

If you are determined to make a high-quality glass greenhouse with your own hands, then you should familiarize yourself with some recommendations from experts, to avoid a number of problems in the course of the work.

  • If you do not want to pay for new glass, you can refer to the materials that were in use. Best of all, they look on the frames of wood. It’s easy to make them yourself in accordance with the required dimensions, but you need to take into account that very often used glass constructions look a bit crooked.
  • Be sure to take care of the presence in the construction of folding vents.
  • If you plan to build a glass greenhouse yourself, then you can simplify your task a little and use the already finished project, slightly adjust the existing drawings in accordance with your own initial parameters.
  • To make the glass fit as closely as possible to the greenhouse frame, and also not to produce annoying rattling sounds, you should use a high-quality rubber gasket. With this detail, all the joints are very dense, so the likelihood of drafts is minimized.
  • Making a greenhouse with your own hands, the roof can be trimmed not with glass, but with polycarbonate sheets. This material is perfect for this reason.
  • Dimensional parameters of greenhouse glasses are directly dependent on the specific type of frame construction. However, the optimum thickness should not be less than 4 mm.
  • If glazed frames are used during the construction, then you will definitely need to remove absolutely all accessories, as well as make the glass fastening more reliable.
  • It is important to choose the right place to install the greenhouse. It is advisable to place it away from the shadow areas, as most plants like sunlight. Experts recommend to orient the building from north to south.
  • It is best to build a greenhouse made of glass on a flat and dry ground. It is necessary to avoid areas with large differences and irregularities.
  • Some experts advise designing for glass greenhouses not a foundation, but a special floor consisting of several layers. To make it, you first need to pour a layer of concrete, then you need to fill in gravel and plastic to protect the planting from excessive dampness and weed growth. After that, 10-15 cm of construction sand are laid. The seams are pressed together by bricks. The final step will be re-sanding.
  • If you are building a framework for a greenhouse of wooden bars, then do not forget to coat them with protective antiseptic agents. You should not neglect these processes, because without additional protection the wood will soon begin to rot and crack.
  • When constructing the roof of a greenhouse, it is necessary to take into account that the smallest angle of the slope should be 15 degrees and no less. The more snow falls in the conditions of your region of residence, the more impressive the slope will need to build.
  • In the manufacture of the foundation under the glass structure, many experts recommend contacting concrete brand M-200.
  • Glue and fasten all the details of the greenhouse must be conscientious.The design should be as strong and reliable as possible - nothing should stagger or hold "on good word", because under the influence of heavy glasses such a structure will not last for long.
  • Before embarking on the independent construction of a glass greenhouse, you should stock up with high-quality materials in specialized stores.
  • It is not necessary to engage in the construction of such structures with your own hands, if you doubt your abilities. On the modern market there are many large manufacturers offering high-quality and reliable greenhouses from different materials. You can order exactly the model that you want to see on your site.

Beautiful examples

As mentioned above, a high-quality glass greenhouse is able to decorate a plot, becoming an integral component of a harmonious landscape design. For example, on the plot it will be very impressive and at the same time a small greenhouse with an angular gable roof from small windows with wooden frames of white color will look cozy. Such a structure will look more attractive if it is equipped with a base,lined with decorative bricks of different shades. This charming structure can be surrounded by stone walkways. Especially organically, such a product will look in an ensemble with wooden residential buildings on the background of tall trees.

If you want to locate elite structures on your site that look very expensive and solid, then you can turn to a glass structure attached to a dark metal profile, complemented in the roof area with small wrought peaks. In this case, there is no need to install a high base. The building can be surrounded by a small stonework. Especially attractive this gorgeous product will look surrounded by neatly trimmed green lawn, flower plantations, dwarf Christmas trees and asphalt / stone paths.

Solidly on spacious sites high glass greenhouses with a framework from colored metal of a shade of mahogany look. Such designs look presentable and concise, easily fitting into any ensembles. They can be “supported” by black street lamps in retro style and beautiful paving tiles.

Very beautiful greenhouses are made of dark wooden frames. Such structures may have high gable roofs, glazed with small segments of fragile material. Artificial lighting should be carried out inside such buildings - at night, with the lights on, these greenhouses will look mysterious and original.

How to make a greenhouse of glass, see the following video.

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