How to make a mini-greenhouse on the windowsill?

 How to make a mini-greenhouse on the windowsill?

Many people are actively interested in whether it is possible to build a high-quality greenhouse at home on the windowsill. Sure you may. In such a situation it is permissible to place a greenhouse of the mini-format, made by hand. Today we will learn how to make such a structure correctly and what types of such small greenhouses exist.


Home mini-greenhouses have many positive qualities.

These include the following parameters.

  • Such models are best suited for growing flowers and plants rather than simple, unequipped window sills.
  • Care of planting in small greenhouses, does not cause any difficulties.
  • In such a greenhouse it is possible to independently change the temperature of the air.
  • The owners will be able to independently adjust the lighting mode.
  • If the growth of planting has slowed down or any plant disease has manifested itself, then the situation can always be corrected by changing the maintenance conditions of the seedlings.
  • If you make a mini-greenhouse with your own hands, then you will have the opportunity to build such a product that will be ideally suited to the volume of the planned plantings.
  • You will not be limited in the parameters of the width, length and height of the greenhouse. In this case, everything will depend entirely on your wishes.
  • Greenhouses can be made more aesthetic by adding different elements of decor. As a result, with such details the interior becomes more attractive and original.
  • If you decide to make a greenhouse yourself, you can significantly save money.
  • If necessary, a mini-greenhouse can be made mobile and mobile / portable.

Serious flaws in these products is not observed. Most of the problems associated with improper use or manufacture of greenhouse.

Primary requirements

It is quite possible to build a quality home greenhouse yourself, but it is very important to remember that it must meet a number of specific requirements.

We will get acquainted with them before moving on to a closer acquaintance with mini-greenhouses.

  • Such a design must necessarily create the most comfortable conditions for grown plants, forming an optimal microclimate for them. Only in such an environment, plantings will actively grow and develop, and then produce good and healthy fruits.
  • The greenhouse should be available for the care of the planted plants. The owners must freely inspect and water the seedlings, as well as loosen the soil in the selected container when it is necessary.
  • In addition, a small greenhouse should look neat and aesthetically pleasing, harmoniously fitting into the existing interior. If we neglect this rule, then the situation in the room can literally ruin the mini-greenhouse.
  • A small greenhouse must be as reliable and durable as possible. Ideally, such constructions are designed for repeated use.
  • Before proceeding to the arrangement of the greenhouse on the windowsill, be sure to ensure that it is located in the optimal isolation from the windows.Otherwise, the cold air entering the room can lead to the loss of landings.
  • Under no circumstances should mini-greenhouses be located near permanent heat sources.
  • It is permissible to put a small greenhouse on the chosen place only after making sure that the accidental movement of the household will not overturn it and not disturb the seedlings.

It should also be borne in mind that such grounds for young plants should not make the living space darker. Home greenhouse should not cause discomfort to those in the room. That is why such products are best placed on a windowsill in rooms that households rarely use.

However, if we are talking about an apartment of a modest area, then it will not be so easy to follow this rule. For this reason, owners often have to put up with certain inconveniences that mini-greenhouses can deliver. You can also equip a small greenhouse that will not be tied to a natural light source.


Small home greenhouses are made in order to ensure an optimal microclimate for plants of various species grown in apartment conditions.The first greenhouse structures were used in the distant XVIII century, but many historians believe that they were used before. If you approach the arrangement of a small greenhouse correctly, then the owners will have a great opportunity to grow even the rarest plants in any volumes, without leaving the house.

It is permissible to use a micro-pot not only for the growth of healthy fruit or vegetable seedlings, but also for the cultivation of various varieties of flowers, for example, tulips or orchids - it all depends on the wishes of the owners.


A small greenhouse in the conditions of an apartment can be placed not only on the windowsill, but also in other equally convenient places. For example, there are greenhouses, which are complete cabinets in which seedlings can be put on several shelves. There are also wall options, the name of which speaks for itself. They are attached to one of the walls in the room. Usually choose the overlap that gets the most sunlight.

A small greenhouse is permissible to be placed in a balcony block or loggia. Moreover, in such conditions often not only compact versions are installed, but also the above-mentioned specimens in the form of cabinets. The main thing is that the loggia or balcony block should be of high quality glazed.Often, special racks are designed for the seedlings, which are placed near the window or on a warm glazed balcony. Since these structures are open, they are characterized by remarkable light transmission ability, and the plants grow well on them.


There are several varieties of indoor mini-greenhouses. Each model has its own characteristics of application, which are important to consider when planting plants. Let us consider in more detail which variants of such products can be put in the conditions of an apartment.

There are such options for greenhouses:

  • classic;
  • homemade;
  • in the form of a cabinet;
  • automatic;
  • portable;
  • wall;
  • thermoboxes;
  • aeroponic greenhouses.

The first two types are characterized by elementary structures. They are installed quickly and easily. Such products are chosen by both experienced "home gardeners" and beginners. As mentioned earlier, small greenhouses for content on the windowsill can be made with your own hands. Make them from a variety of materials. Dimensions of such options mainly depend on the volume of plantings, what is planned to be planted in them, as well as on the area of ​​the window sills in the house.Self-made options are the simplest and in most cases have no automatic add-ons.

Models of greenhouses in the form of a cabinet are very popular today. They are good because they have several shelves on which you can arrange several different plants at once, placing them neatly and compactly. Fans of flowers can turn to the shop window - in tandem, these objects will look very stylish and fresh, decorating the interior.

There is a more economical option - mesh shelves installed at the base of the metal frame. Such models are additionally equipped with a convenient zipper. With the help of this detail, the owners will have the opportunity to independently regulate the access of fresh air to the landings, as well as to take care of them when necessary. Today it is possible to meet the cases equipped with the thought-over ventilation systems. In use, they are very convenient, but they are quite expensive.

We should also highlight the modern automatic models that can be easily converted into multifunctional designs. Externally, they are close to the lockers. Such options are otherwise called grobuksami.In most cases, they grow not very large plants. The optimal atmosphere in such greenhouses is formed by artificial processes that concern even the organization of lighting.

Automatic products work in combination with fans, special lamps, filters and other high-tech systems. Often these objects look the same as ordinary furniture, or they represent an object resembling a tent of unusual fabric (these specimens are called groteni).

As you can see, automatic options are very practical and functional, but have a high cost, so they do not buy so often. One of the most convenient is mobile mobile portable greenhouse structures. They are good because they are seamlessly installed on any chosen place within the city. For the location of these products, it is recommended to choose such bases that are far from tall bushes and trees, creating an extra shadow. As a rule, portable copies are covered with a special film or sheets of polycarbonate.

The foundation is not required for these products. It is only important to be responsive to fasteners, otherwise a similar product can be carried away with the first strong winds. Wall options, which were mentioned earlier, are designed for installation on the wall of the house. Most often, these products are addressed in Europe. In Russia, they are not so common. If you really try, such a greenhouse can be turned into a real decoration of the home. For this you can use a variety of floral or fruit compositions.

All other designs have more complex configurations, but their range of applications is more impressive.

Manufacturing methods

A small greenhouse that easily fits on the windowsill in a regular apartment can be made with your own hands. There are several ways to manufacture these designs. Consider the most popular ones.

It is possible to germinate seedlings in empty cardboard packaging left over from food products - cakes or pastries. A good alternative to these products are special cassettes, peat tablets, as well as plastic and plywood cups. Such packaging is usually used temporarily.Many users turn to the independent production of a shelving base with several shelves, which are subsequently put on landing. Such constructions are built into the window opening itself, so it will be necessary to carefully determine all their dimensional parameters first.

And they depend on such important factors:

  • the depth of the window sill, as well as the width and height of the window;
  • planned landing area;
  • heights of future sprouts.

Thus, the width of the base will be determined by the parameter width of the window, and the height of the plants will affect the distance between the individual shelves. Based on the parameter of the depth of the frame structure, it will be possible to select in advance suitable containers for seedlings. Installation of the side walls of the frame with shelves should begin with the competent preparation of wooden bars.

It looks like this:

  • A bar with a cross section of 20x20 must be thoroughly treated with an antiseptic, and then allowed to dry completely;
  • then it will be necessary to cut it into 4 separate parts having a length that corresponds to the height parameter of the top shelf shelf;
  • further, using self-tapping screws, the segments will need to be connected in pairs using small bars of a small section (the parameter of their length should correspond to the width of the rack);
  • now you need to attach the lower transverse bars to the racks, while placing them strictly opposite each other;
  • Now the inserts in the form of plywood sheets with a thickness of 12 mm will need to be adjusted to the dimensions of the shelves and in the areas adjacent to the rack elements to cut corners along the entire perimeter.

After carrying out the above steps, it is worth temporarily positioning the side walls on the windowsill, as well as fix the shelves and correctly level them. If this is needed, the horizontal line will need to be corrected by placing a lining of any material of suitable thickness under the shelf.

After completing the checks, you can finally fix the shelves on the supports. Ready frame after it is permissible to paint in the color you like.


Seedlings that grow in an apartment greenhouse, it is very important to provide good lighting, especially when it comes to the winter season, when the sun's rays are shown infrequently and not for long. If you have placed the plants on the shelves of the rack, then they can be supplemented with special fitolamps. Such products do not affect the air temperature. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, durable and very economical.

Approximately the same characteristics can boast popular LED lamps. If you install these devices, then choose the appropriate light spectrum is not difficult, as well as the level of light intensity. Connoisseurs are advised to use cold light fluorescent lamps of low power for additional illumination of the racking design. In addition, it is permissible to refer to linear, xenon and halogen variants. Some users are sure that a backlight in the form of two or three incandescent light bulbs of low power will be enough for a racking design. These copies are the most affordable, but their effectiveness leaves much to be desired. They radiate heat in a large volume, however, the light at the same time gives only 5%, which is very small.

In the modern market of lighting products regularly appear new products. The choice of the best options depends on the preferences of the owners.

Useful tips

Do not be discouraged if you cannot find suitable ready-made greenhouse constructions for residential conditions. Such products are quite difficult to choose, since they are not represented by the largest assortment. That is why many users make their own hands.Take care of seedlings in the greenhouse from excess solar heat. If we neglect this rule, the sprouts can be seriously affected.

Different cultures at different periods of growth change the requirements for the duration and intensity of illumination. This feature is very important to consider if you are engaged in independent cultivation of flowers, berries or vegetables at home.

In fact, maintaining an optimal microclimate in a sill is not an easy task, even though it does not seem so at first glance. However, it will be possible to cope with many problems if you use a high-quality rack supplemented with thermal insulation and lighting devices.

If you plan to use a more complex greenhouse with several tiers, it is better to turn to a strong metal frame, and to install transverse strips using welding. accurate draft with all necessary stamping.

It is quite possible to make a home greenhouse automated. To do this, you need to put a special automatic airing, high-quality fitolamps (especially when it comes to a dark room) and automatic watering. Having such components, it will take much less time and effort to take care of planting.

Examples of finished structures

A small greenhouse, located on the windowsill, can decorate many interiors. The main thing is to correctly create harmonious ensembles, in which all the details will overlap with each other, forming an aesthetic environment.

So, on a light window-sill in the same bright room a wooden folding structure with three snow-white shelves will look organically. On each of them is to arrange the seedlings in pots of contrasting shades. Light colors in combination with brown capacities and green plantings will look fresh and cozy.

On the windowsill will look spectacular glass greenhouses with light wooden frames, shaped like small houses. If you make these options from thick enough glass and provide extra warming for plantings inside, then in such conditions the plants will be able to bear fruit throughout the year and will not freeze in winter.

A greenhouse equipped on an open rack with several shelves will look much more interesting and brighter if it is complemented with a backlight of a magenta shade or warm light bulbs. Against this background of artificial lighting, green plants with large leaves will look more saturated and lush.

Properly selected lighting can not only benefit the growing plantations, but also decorate the interior, making it more mysterious and original. In the conditions of a window sill, lighting devices of the type of LED, emitting violet and blue colors, look especially attractive. At night it is difficult to look away from them.

For information on how to make a mini-greenhouse for seedlings and an incubator for seeds on the windowsill, see the following video.

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