Greenhouse "Breadbox": what it is, the advantages and disadvantages

 Greenhouse Breadbox: what it is, advantages and disadvantages

Gardeners and gardeners often use greenhouses for the early cultivation of heat-loving plant crops. These facilities, in contrast to full greenhouses, take up very little space. Due to their compactness, they can be installed on areas of any size. It is often difficult for gardeners to choose the optimal model, since manufacturers offer a huge selection of such structures. Seasoned gardeners recommend to opt for the "Breadbox". It is about her and will be discussed in this material.

Design features

"Breadbox" - a greenhouse, which in its appearance and the principle of opening / closing resembles a kitchen box, designed for storing bakery products.

Its design includes several parts:

  • right and left halves;
  • base.

To regulate the humidity and temperature inside the building, there are side flaps, which are raised and lowered using hinges.

Manufacturers produce two modifications "Bread": with unilateral and bilateral opening. The first models are sold under the name "Snail". These greenhouses have small sizes. Models with double-sided opening are more convenient to use because they allow the gardener to “get” to any part of the structure.

Materials and sizes

Greenhouses do not have dimensions that are strictly regulated in accordance with GOST. Different manufacturers can have different sizes. Depending on the modification, the length of the structure ranges from 2 (mini) to 4 meters, and its height is within a meter. As a rule, models with one-sided opening are narrower than two-sided variations. The frame "breadboxes" is made of semi-arches. It is made from different materials.

It may be:

  • metallic profile;
  • square or round plastic pipes;
  • galvanized steel pipe and other materials.

Cellular polycarbonate is mainly used as a coating.A greenhouse made of polycarbonate will contribute to the creation of an optimal microclimate for most plant species, since such covering material has specialized protection from exposure to direct sunlight. Less commonly, durable types of greenhouse film are used as a coating. Most often in the shops they sell the framework, and gardeners should choose the covering material on the basis of their requirements and financial possibilities. Only a small part of realized greenhouses comes complete with polycarbonate sheets.


Greenhouse with arched shape - a simple and convenient design, which is famous for assembly speed, reliability and mobility. Due to its low weight and compact size, the structure can be easily transferred from one place to another. The design of "Breadbaskets" is distinguished by a minimum number of seams and spacious interior space.

Other benefits include.

  • Affordable cost for all segments of the population. Depending on the dimensions and materials of production, the price of the frame varies from 3 to 7 thousand rubles.
  • Simple and clear assembly design when purchasing a greenhouse in the store.If desired, to build a "bread box" can be your own hands.
  • Small size and weight.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • The possibility of ventilation due to the presence of clamps. The lid opens and locks at any angle (from 0 to 90 degrees).
  • No need to dismantle the structure in case of its non-use (for example, the winter period).
  • Maintainability. If any of the parts of the coating is damaged, they can be replaced with a suitable covering product. Thanks to maintainability, "Breadbox" will be able to serve more than a dozen years.

The durability of the structure is due to its streamlined arched shape, which will prevent the retention of snow in winter, and thus reduce the risk of mechanical damage.


"Breadbox" has some disadvantages which you need to familiarize with for the productive cultivation of greens, vegetables or flowers.

  • The design includes moving parts - hinges. For uninterrupted functioning it is necessary to make their regular visual inspection and lubrication.
  • The appearance of extraneous sounds when opening and closing the sash. Often observed after several years of active use of the greenhouse.
  • Risks of displacement of the structure in case of its improper installation, which leads to damage to crops with strong gusts of wind.
  • The inability to collect "Bread" alone. At least two people must be used for assembly and installation.

The disadvantages also include the high price of polycarbonate, which gardeners often have to buy separately. If a low pressure film is used instead, the service life of the coating is noticeably reduced.

Where to put and what can be grown?

Due to the low height, the bread box is not suitable for all types of crops. As a rule, it does not plant climbers, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers.

Best of all this facility is suitable for growing:

  • various types of greens (dill, parsley, onion, lettuce);
  • Victoria and strawberry;
  • beets;
  • carrots;
  • seedlings of cucumbers, tomatoes (in need of subsequent transplantation during growth).

To do crops in such a greenhouse is permissible from early spring. When using heating devices, the construction is allowed to use in late autumn and in winter. In order to get a rich harvest of any plant crop, it is important to choose the “right” place to set up the greenhouse.It is recommended to install the structure in a sunny place, away from shrubs, trees and various building structures. Greenhouse must be located in the direction from north to south. This placement will allow plants to receive a lot of heat and light from the sun.

The “bread box” should be at least 6 meters away from the trees and the fence, 9 meters away from the bath house, and not less than 25 from the outdoor toilet. The place where it is planned to mount the framework must be leveled out using the construction level. Otherwise, there are great risks of warping the base.


The rules for mounting the structure are detailed in the instructions attached to the greenhouse. This process is simple, thanks to which even a beginner can collect a greenhouse. Breadbasket should be installed on the base. For its manufacture fit bricks, timber or logs. In order for the “foundation” of wood to serve as long as possible, it must be pre-treated with a compound with an antiseptic effect.

Installation design.

  • It is necessary to make a depression in the soil of about half a meter. Its dimensions should correspond to the dimensions of the installed structure.
  • Set the base.Pour manure or compost into the completed pit, cover it with fertile soil.
  • Set the frame on the base.
  • Facing the greenhouse with covering material.

When cutting out polycarbonate sheets of the required size you need to be extremely careful. Admitted mistakes can lead to the formation of cracks through which cold air will flow from outside to the greenhouse.


Dozens of domestic manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of Khlebnitsa greenhouses. The most popular are several companies.

  • "Greenhouse choice." The company began its activity in 1998. This is one of the leading manufacturers of greenhouses in St. Petersburg. Products of this brand are distinguished by reliability and long-term preservation of the presentation of designs. The durability of greenhouse and greenhouse frames is achieved by coating them with a specialized powder composition. It ensures the stability of metal parts to high humidity, direct sunlight and precipitation. In addition to the release of standard models, the manufacturer is engaged in manufacturing greenhouses under the order.
  • Plant metal "Innovation". It is engaged in the manufacture of household and industrial greenhouses, and also accepts applications for individual orders. One of the largest specialized enterprises in Russia. The manufacturer produces durable reinforced structures, frames with anti-corrosion treatment. The company sells polycarbonate sheets, equipped with a protective sheath from ultraviolet solar radiation.
  • "Agrosphere". Manufacturer of greenhouses from the Smolensk region. The company produces the only modification "Breadbox". In the complete set to the greenhouse are all the necessary fasteners. The company manufactures high-quality products, which is achieved through the use of specialized Italian machines in the production of frames.

When buying a greenhouse from any manufacturer, it is important to consider the size of the structure and its useful space, the materials from which the frame is made and the optional design capabilities. Before you buy a product, you need to carefully examine it. Upon detection of welds, it is advisable to abandon the purchase, since corrosion may soon appear on them.Diligent manufacturers fasten parts of the frame with the help of "corners" and other fasteners.

Operation Tips

In order to simplify the care of plant crops and to extend the life of the "Breadbox" withIt is recommended to listen to a number of recommendations from experienced gardeners and gardeners.

  • It is necessary to regularly lubricate all moving parts of the structure with grease or other oil substances to prevent squeaking.
  • The edge of the sliding door should be equipped with a fleece fabric. When opening and closing the material will wipe the arch from dust and dirt.
  • An open lid must additionally be fixed by means of a bar. Such a support will not allow the lid to spontaneously fall in case of strong gusts of wind.

To increase the temperature inside the greenhouse in late autumn or early spring, additional warming of the lateral parts of the structure with the help of modern insulation materials is recommended. Foamed polystyrene is most often used for these purposes. Thanks to the light weight, it will not weigh down the structure.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to customer feedback,everyone is given the opportunity to get acquainted with the views on the use of "breadbox". Most users respond positively to such a greenhouse model.

Among the advantages they highlight.

  • Compactness. Due to its miniature size, the structure can be installed in any part of the site, regardless of its area.
  • Easy transportation and assembly. Disassembled construction can be transported by car. Assembly and installation do not cause difficulties. Most of the gardeners took the whole process no more than three hours.
  • Easy operation. For watering, fertilizing, loosening or weeding, just open the sash and gain access to the plants.
  • Efficiency. In the greenhouse seedlings, greens and vegetables grow much faster than in open ground. Many consumers note that with the purchase of "Breadbox" they began to harvest much earlier.

Among the shortcomings, gardeners point out the impossibility of growing high vegetable crops, which is not always convenient.

Thanks to its functionality, versatility and ease of use, the greenhouse “Khlebnitsa” has become a real boon among summer residents and gardeners.It is in great demand among people who have small plots of land on which it is not possible to establish a full-fledged greenhouse. Due to the simple design, many gardeners make such a greenhouse with their own hands, saving on the purchase of the finished frame.

How to build a glasshouse "Breadbox" with your own hands, see the following video.

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