What do English-style greenhouses look like?

 What do English-style greenhouses look like?

English greenhouses are strikingly different not only in functional features, but in style. Many gardeners want to place similar facilities on their plots, as greenhouses can make any yard special.

Special features

Greenhouses in the style of England perform all the same functional roles as the rest of the greenhouse buildings. First of all, they are intended for growing plants. However, it is important to note that English greenhouses are very different in appearance. They have a more complex and sophisticated architecture, so they are a bit more expensive. Such architectural solutions allow to achieve the best microclimate.

An important feature of the English greenhouses is the presence of a high foundation. The fact is that the winter in England is quite chilly, and so that the beds do not freeze through, the gardeners have thought up to make the base high. As a result, this also affected the aesthetic appeal of greenhouses: they began to appear more beautiful and intricate. Therefore, English-style greenhouses look more like glass houses than standard greenhouses.

Traditionally for glazing only natural material was used - glass. However, in recent years, manufacturers have increasingly resorted to PVC substitutes, which in appearance are not inferior to ordinary glass panels. Nevertheless, greenhouses made of glass are considered to be the reference specimens of the English style. There are also requirements for the roof slope. The angle should be either 30 degrees or 45 degrees. More traditional is a roof located at an angle of 45 degrees, and 30-degree structures are mounted if tall cultures are grown in an English greenhouse.

The height of the walls also depends on those vegetables, fruits or trees that are planned to be grown in the greenhouse. Usually the walls in the English greenhouses are high, along the walls themselves they expose a flowerpots with flowers or boxes.Due to the fact that the basement is high, and the walls and the roof are predominantly of glass, it is necessary to constantly maintain a normal level of ventilation in the greenhouse, otherwise the air will block. Also, considerable attention is paid to the irrigation and drainage system, since the high base complicates the functioning of the water supply system. Finally, it is worth noting that in Russia, English greenhouses are mainly built as a winter garden or a greenhouse adjacent to the house.

Advantages and disadvantages

English-style greenhouses have many advantages.

Among them are the following.

  • Attractive appearance. Greenhouse building in the style of England can be a "highlight" of the site on which it is installed.
  • Sophisticated design. English greenhouses have only the necessary details and are devoid of excessive decoration.
  • Large assortment of colors. You can order both classic versions of black, cream, chocolate tones, as well as unusual and unusually bright models - neon-yellow, purple, and blue. The only limitation is that the manufacturer may not have the desired shade, and you will have to contact someone else.
  • Long service life. Due to the fact that the production of English greenhouses are usually used elite materials, greenhouses can serve for more than a decade. With proper and timely care, the service life of the structure increases significantly.
  • Strength. Since such a greenhouse is a mini-house for plants, standing on a solid foundation and having a strong frame, you can not be afraid that it will be blown away by the wind. However, if hail, ice snow and the like are common in your region, it is better to choose PVC or tempered glass glazing, since ordinary glass may crack.
  • Small changes in the microclimate. As a rule, the weather outside the window does not affect the climate in the greenhouse. Plants are protected not only by glass, but also by stone from below. The high foundation does not allow the ground to freeze.

Among the drawbacks, only one stands out - the high cost of such facilities. But remember that you always have to pay a high price for quality.


Usually isolated ordinary typical English greenhouses and elite samples. Also there is a separation according to the materials: PVC and glass. In appearance typical and elite greenhouses are not much different from each other. The essential difference lies in the type of glazing.If in the first case only one glass in a glass unit is used, then in the second one is either double glass or single glass with improved insulation. Upon closer examination it becomes clear that the best materials were used for elite greenhouses than for typical ones, but this does not mean that ordinary greenhouses are of poor quality. Also, the frame in the elite structures is made of metals, and in ordinary - from PVC.

According to the type of glazing emit greenhouses from PVC and glass. The first option has many advantages over the second. PVC greenhouses are cheaper and more durable. Scratching PVC is not easy. It is resistant to mechanical stress. On the other hand, there is no analogue to glass in terms of light transmittance, and the glass model looks much more expensive. True, the price is two or even three times higher. According to the type of roof, English greenhouses are divided into single and double gable ones. Traditional are considered to be separate greenhouses with a gable roof. Sheds are used mainly in extensions, as a greenhouse with a shed roof looks too modern, and this is not typical for the English style.


When choosing a greenhouse in the English style is recommended to pay close attention to the materials.

  • Stone for the foundation. In traditional models, the foundation was laid out of stone, now this method is too expensive. Most manufacturers skillfully imitate masonry using other raw materials. However, check how well the foundation can protect against frost. Ask for documents that indicate what the minimum temperature the base can withstand without losing its properties.
  • Glass or PVC for glazing. View all the frames for gaps. Check the light transmission ability of the glazing. If you find it difficult to evaluate, ask for documents. They indicate how many percent of the light can skip this material. Also check with the manufacturer what the minimum temperature can withstand PVC or glass. Poor quality material is cracking in the cold.
  • PVC or metal for the frame. Since the framework of the tree for the English greenhouses, no one does, it makes sense to consider only common options. View the elements of the frame for strains or cracks.Also specify whether the frame can withstand the weight not only of the greenhouse itself, but also of snow caps in the winter period. Otherwise, the whole structure simply falls apart.
  • Elements of accessories. Traditionally, accessories are made of metal. Check how well the vents open, the locks gently work. On this depends on the convenience of working with the greenhouse.

Important nuances

There are a number of recommendations on what to look for during installation. It is necessary to do all the work correctly so as not to disturb the traditional look of the greenhouse.

Otherwise, it will not be done in a purely English style.

  • The ventilation system needs to be thought out at the stage of drawing and ordering the structure. It is necessary to take into account such aspects as a large amount of sunlight or, on the contrary, insufficient, frivolity of the region, the presence of shading superstructures or other objects (for example, trees). You should not arrange in the greenhouse industrial ventilation, powered by electricity. It is enough to properly install the vents.
  • Traditionally, to remove moisture use a system of gutters, which are located directly outside.They do not worry about the fact that they will be visible, because the gutters add color. Interestingly, the gutters divert water into special tanks, and then use the harvested rainwater to irrigate the plants.

One more advice is given by gardeners. If you decide to build a greenhouse in the English style yourself, you can use ordinary glass for windows in the house. Just make a glass roof with it will not work - you need a more durable option.


To date, many firms produce greenhouses in the English style. It is recommended to pay attention to the following companies that are leading in their industry.


Britton is a union of Russian companies and British manufacturers. They specialize mainly in the production of winter gardens, that is, they do not offer seasonal greenhouses. Today this company is the most famous supplier of greenhouses in the English style. The cost is negotiated separately in each case.

"Beautiful greenhouses"

The company is located in Moscow and is mainly engaged in the production of greenhouses to order, but there are ready-made options.“Beautiful greenhouses” declare that in their activities they are trying to align themselves with the world's leading leaders, however, they adapt their development for the Russian climate. Therefore, the English greenhouses from this company are perfect for installation in the harsh conditions of the Russian winter. The manufacturer’s website provides ready-made options in the price range from 120,000 to 4,999,000 rubles.


Danish company Juliana since 1960 produces a variety of luxury greenhouses. She did not ignore the English greenhouses, making them one of the main activities. Greenhouses and greenhouses from this manufacturer are represented in 50 countries. Juliana gives 12 years warranty on its greenhouses. Greenhouses and greenhouses can be made from different materials, but mainly the company tries to use advanced technological developments. Among other things, the Danish manufacturer also offers greenhouse extensions to the house. The price range varies from 148,000 to 640,000 rubles.


Most people who have chosen the greenhouse in the English style, speak positively about them. They not only look extremely attractive, but also are excellent for growing crops in the Russian climate.Many try to buy adapted options, knowing that the climate in England is milder than in Russia, and therefore considering it inappropriate to buy a greenhouse from an English producer. The best reviews about elite models. It is worth noting that buyers initially argue with this choice by saying “the miser pays twice,” saying that it is better to pay once for a high-quality product than to buy a new greenhouse every 8-10 years. Given that the elite models are not much more expensive than the classic ones, one can understand this choice.

Of course, there are some complaints about price. The cheapest greenhouse in the English style costs more than 100,000 rubles. Not everyone has such means to spend on upgrading the summer cottage, so some craftsmen resort to self-manufacturing of such greenhouses. In general, when buying from a trusted manufacturer, there are no complaints. Most of them have the opportunity to order the manufacture of the greenhouse construction according to individual drawings, and it is a sin not to use this opportunity. Most people just order English greenhouses exclusively, specifying all the details.

Beautiful examples

Below is a photo gallery. Each example is provided with a small explanatory comment.

You can often find English greenhouses on a green frame. This color is chosen in order to harmoniously fit the building into the surrounding landscape.

Greenhouse buildings in the English style are more like glass houses than a greenhouse in the traditional sense. There is no hint of the functionality of the building. Everything looks aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

In the traditional English greenhouses, the base and basement were laid out with stone, but now there are a lot of materials that can replace it. The most famous of them is concrete, which can later be decorated as you like.

The English greenhouse does not have to be large, but the walls are invariably high. Potted plants are set along the perimeter, which are rearranged back to the greenhouse for the winter.

Among the flowers and fruit trees, English greenhouses look the most harmonious. They seem to be a continuation of the landscape. Due to the interesting frame structure, the design looks airy and weightless, so it does not pull all the attention to itself, but emphasizes the beauty of the environment.

Having decided to put on your site a greenhouse in the English style, do not settle for cheap fakes and buy only high-quality models from trusted manufacturers.

About how the greenhouse looks in the English style, see the following video.

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