How to build a greenhouse from a bar?

Many summer residents for growing natural vegetables and berries turn to the construction of a greenhouse. Similar construction is done from different materials. Most often there are options from a metalprofile and a bar. We will talk about the latter today in more detail.

Special features

Greenhouse on the summer cottage today will not surprise anyone. Such structures can be bought in a ready-made form or to build their own hands. In this case, it is permissible to use various materials. This applies to both the frame structure of the building and the covering material that complements it.

One of the most popular and popular today are specimens made of wooden beams. They can also be easily made with your own hands, adhering to uncomplicated technology.

The dimensions of such erections are also different. For example, options from a bar, whose dimensions do not exceed 50x50 mm, are erected in the shortest possible time. In addition, it does not take too much effort.

The tree itself is quite a pliable and obedient material, which is easily processed in case of need. That is why not only standard, but also more original designs with various kinds of decorative elements are often made of timber.

It is very important to bear in mind that wood will last for a long time only if it is provided with proper processing and proper care. Structures of wooden bars will need to be impregnated with a special antiseptic composition.

It will protect the material from negative external factors and attacks of wood parasites, which are able to destroy these raw materials. Moreover, such procedures will need to be carried out periodically, and not once. You should not neglect them, because otherwise the construction of the timber will quickly lose its aesthetic appearance and may begin to collapse.

According to experts, most of all for the construction of log greenhouses tree species such as spruce, pine and larch are suitable. From such raw materials are obtained highly efficient and attractive buildings. The construction of spruce construction will cost the least.Larch is quite expensive, but it is good because it is slightly susceptible to rotting, therefore, it lasts longer and is more wear-resistant.


Greenhouses from timber should be installed on strong foundation foundations. At the same time, the construction will be more stable and better fixed. In addition, in such conditions, a wooden greenhouse will not need a regular overhaul - it will not be tilted on the foundation.

As for covering material for log greenhouses, here you can also turn to different products. It will be possible to select and install it only after the completion of the erection of the frame base.


Greenhouses from a bar happen different - the choice is huge. Of course, the most popular and frequently encountered are dual-pitch and single-pitch constructions, as well as structures with a simple flat roof. More interesting on the site will look greenhouse dome or hangar type.

The simplest model, which is installed directly to the wall of a house or other outhouse, is rightfully recognized to be the simplest in appearance and in matters of construction.Often such structures are combined with a shed or installed as a separate structure. Thanks to this solution, you can get a very comfortable and functional structure, which will be extremely useful.

Size and shape

From a bar it is possible to make greenhouses of the most different dimensions. It can be both very small and spacious building for a large variety of plantings.

To place a couple of beds in a greenhouse and place a small path between them, you should construct an erection with a width of 2.4–3 m.

The length of the building depends on the area of ​​the summer cottage and the planned number of landings. The optimal length is 5 and 6 m.. In such conditions, it will be possible to grow plants for a family of 4-6 people. Since tomatoes and cucumbers require different levels of humidity, as well as temperature conditions, a separate greenhouse will need to be organized for each crop.

In most cases, greenhouses are trapezoidal and equipped with gable roofs. Moreover, their height should be at least 1.8–2 m.

Tools and materials

As mentioned above, it is quite possible to build a greenhouse from a bar by yourself.Carrying out such works is easy and does not take up too much free time, since wood is a simple material in construction that can be processed without problems if necessary. However, one should start the direct construction of a wooden greenhouse only after purchasing all the necessary tools and materials.

As for the tools, here you will be useful:

  • nails and hammer;
  • plane;
  • hacksaw;
  • roulette;
  • construction level (it is advisable to buy a laser or bubble instrument);
  • perforated corner for fasteners;
  • screwdriver and screws.

    Before the start of construction work, you must select a suitable bar. It is very important to ensure that it is completely dry.. In addition, there should be no major defects. - knots, chips, cracks (especially deep), as well as signs of rotting. Pay attention to the cross section of the wooden beam. Make sure that the wood has not been attacked by malicious insects. In addition, the bars should not have voids.

    How to build with your own hands?

    If you stocked up with all the necessary materials and tools, you can proceed to the direct construction of a wooden greenhouse.In order for this erection to stand as long as possible and not require frequent repairs, it should be installed on a foundation basis. In most situations, strip or column foundations are prepared for greenhouses.

    The design with a tape basis will cost more. It is recommended to apply to it if you plan to put a large greenhouse on the plot in which there will be many beds.

    Foundation or foundation

    For a greenhouse of small or medium size, a columnar base will suffice. To build it, you need sand, cement, crushed stone and wooden boards. In carrying out such installation work, you must use the building level.

    With the foundation, the structure will be located on one territory specially allocated for it. Pillar foundation is cheaper. It is usually made with the use of concrete, blocks, bricks and buttobeton.

    When carrying out such installation work, the usual formwork is replaced with metal or asbestos-cement pipes.

    If we are talking about installing a greenhouse of medium size, then it is permissible to use standard concrete pillars, which are usually used when installing fences.

    These parts must be carefully dug into the ground cleared in advance.This should be done in such a way that the pillars are secure and firm. After that, they are cut using a grinder, using a level.

    Mounting the foundation, you must comply with the maximum accuracy of all values. The horizontal plane should be perfectly flat. Consider that on a poor-quality foundation it will be much more difficult to construct a skeleton.

    When the foundation is ready, you will need to prepare all the components that will be useful for the further assembly of the frame. Bars need to be cut in accordance with the size of the future construction. To protect the material from possible destruction, it is treated with antiseptic substances and covered with drying oil.


    Cutting all the required parts, you can proceed to the next step - the design framework of the framework. You will need to fix the corners of the fastener with dowel-nails. Instead, it is permissible to use anchor bolts that will also perfectly cope with their main task. Further, it is necessary to attach an overall bar to them, which will play the role of a lower tie, which is a supporting element of a solid structure.

    In the process of preparing the frame, special construction corners are used, with the help of which the parts are seamlessly attached to each other.

    Then you will need to install window and door structures. Their installation does not take much time, but you will need to apply trim. For example, it can be a film, glass or polycarbonate sheets. Arrange the upper trim, you should attach the roof truss for the roof.

    Experts advise to make a slope at a certain angle (for example, at 45 degrees). Too steep slopes should not be present on the roof, because moisture and snow will accumulate on it.

    This can be considered the construction of the frame completed.


    The final stage of the work will be the installation of the greenhouse trim. As mentioned earlier, you can use different materials for this, but lately most often people turn to polycarbonate. It is a fairly durable material and is not afraid of mechanical influences from the outside. In addition, polycarbonate sheets are installed easily and quickly. With the conduct of such work is quite possible to cope without assistants.

    Polycarbonate is cut into plates of suitable sizes (these parameters are usually indicated in the diagram and the draft of the project).As a rule, sheets of this material are attached using a special sealing gasket. This part will not allow material to be damaged. These processes take very little time. The main thing is to prepare everything in advance for installation work.

    Finishing work

    Competently made greenhouses from timber are able to decorate the existing area. Often these facilities attract a lot of attention because they have an aesthetic and neat design performance.

    Many owners cover these designs with various lacquer coatings of various shades - the choice of the ideal variant depends on the preferences of the owners and the surrounding landscape design. Experts recommend contacting the water dispersion emulsion. Such coverage will last a long time and will look attractive.

    A variety of facade paints used in the decoration of wooden greenhouses are very popular today. Such coatings should be applied only if there is a temperature not lower than +3 degrees outside the window. In such conditions, the paint will dry completely in about 2 days, and then crystallize for 3 days.

    Of course, not all gardeners are turning to painting a wooden greenhouse. According to many users, this process is absolutely unnecessary - it will not become a more functional construction, and its decorative properties are not important for everyone.

    Useful tips

    At independent production of the greenhouse from a bar it is admissible to use a covering not only from polycarbonate, but also glass. It can be a simple glass. Some users use film instead of this material, but it will not last long - it will be enough for just one season.

    All joints of wooden parts must be treated with antiseptic agents. Make sure that chemicals do not fall into the ground, because such work should be carried out directly on the site of the assembly of the structure. It is advisable to use a litter of special protective film.

    In the process of self-construction of greenhouses from timber, it is necessary to make notes on all the beams and slats of the future structure. Thanks to such marks, it will be possible to quickly disassemble the greenhouse for the period of winter storage. In the spring it can also be easily assembled.

    Before preparing the foundation for future lumber construction, you should carefully prepare the allocated place. It is necessary to remove absolutely all rubbish, remove all weeds. Often, a small top soil layer is removed altogether, starting the installation of the foundation only after that.

    If you decide to decorate a wooden greenhouse with a special film, you need to start installing it from the top point. To this end, the required number of canvases are attached to the skate bar in accordance with the width of the greenhouse itself. Fasten them with thin rails and small nails.

    Before proceeding with the construction of a greenhouse of wood, you need to make a detailed plan and a drawing with an indication of all the dimensions and other parameters of the future construction. Based on the developed schemes, it will be much easier to make a house for landings with your own hands.

    Bars should be not only well processed and clean, but even. It is not recommended to use parts with uneven and curved surfaces in construction work.

    Please note that the tree must be dry. Not until the end of the dried timber can lead to the fact that over time, the structure will simply lead.You can avoid such unpleasant consequences if you turn to replacing the bars with 100x100 paired bars 100x50 fixed to each other with self-tapping screws. This design will be more durable.

    If you decide to build a wooden greenhouse, but you don’t want to make a foundation for it, then you should be prepared for the construction to be squeezed in a short time.

    The timber can not be left without antiseptic treatment. To date, there are the following types of antiseptics:

    • water soluble;
    • water repellent;
    • combined.

    Additionally, wood can be varnished after pre-priming.

    Do not think that it is permissible to use only store antiseptics to protect the tree from normal wear and tear and negative external factors. This material can be processed and various folk remedies. Here are some of them:

    • used engine oil - before using it, the oil will need to be heated to 70 degrees, and then applied to the bars themselves;
    • blowtorch - it just needs to burn the surface of the wood;
    • bitumen - before applying the bitumen it is required to heat, and then pour it into a separate bucket with already filled diesel fuel (when the bitumen is dissolved, the composition can be applied to the timber).

    At all stages of work it is recommended to use the construction level. Thus, you will be able to build a regular greenhouse, which does not have warps and heights on different surfaces.

    The size of the greenhouse can be very different. For example, many users build buildings on their sites with dimensions of 3x6 meters and more. The choice of optimal parameters directly depends on the number of crops that you plan to plant in the greenhouse. We must not forget about the presence of tracks between the beds.

    You can make an arched greenhouse from wood. Of course, carrying out such works is considered more difficult, but as a result not only very convenient and efficient, but also attractive constructions that decorate the summer cottage are obtained.

    How to build a greenhouse with your own hands from a 50x50 mm bar, see below.

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